It’s always interesting to know how people around the world spend their time. You get to understand whether they love to do the same things as you. Having this understanding helps to make you feel connected to people in other countries.

With this in mind, let’s look at how people in Finland spend their leisure time. How similar are their activities to yours?

Participating in and watching esports

Esports was recognized on a competitive basis in Finland in 2017. Since then, the activity has continued to rise in popularity, especially with people under the age of 30.

The creation of a new training center is an example of how popular participating in esports is. The center, which is located in Helsinki, contains desks and computers. It’s a place where talented gamers can hone their skills.

Casino games are also hugely popular in Finland. Enthusiasts regularly search for parhaat pikakasinot (best instant casinos in the Finnish language). These instant casinos allow players to confirm their identity using a bank account. This means that they can play straight away, without filling in complicated forms.

Learning new things

There are more than 180 adult education centers in Finland and the majority of them are always busy. This is due to the fact that people in Finland love to learn new skills in their spare time.

It’s good that Fins have this love of learning because self-development should always be part of life. Fees for learning in Finland are reasonable which means that a lot of people choose to spend their leisure time studying topics like languages, IT, arts and crafts, music and cooking.


Volunteering is another very popular activity in Finland. In 2017, the results of a survey showed that around one in three people in the country had volunteered in the previous 12 months. Work they had undertaken included collecting money, coaching sports, and providing company to people in need of it.

Organizations like Helsinki Deaconess Institute give people the opportunity to provide support to others who need it. The organization has more than 2,000 volunteers overall. This is just one organization so it’s easy to see that there must be a lot of volunteers across the entire country.

Creative activities

People in Finland are known for being creative in several different ways. For instance, they are often regarded as intelligent individuals who have the ability to solve problems.

However, although Finnish people are often regarded as pragmatic and practical, they also have other aspects of their creativity.

In 2017, around 100,000 people who attended non-degree education studied artistic subjects like music and the performing arts. So, many Finnish people definitely seem to have a love of the arts.

In fact, there is even a town in Finland which is a home for artists. The creative community in the town of Fiskars is thriving. It’s worth mentioning that this town is not about spending free time enjoying artistic activities. It’s home to more than 600 craftsmen who all make a sustainable living from their activities.

However, throughout other areas of the country, amateur creatives are just as enthusiastic.

In summary

People in Finland like to make the most of any free time that they have. They do this in many different ways.

There is a big appetite for gaming in the country, especially with young people. This has led to large numbers of people watching and participating in esports.

Finnish people also enjoy learning new things such as languages. They often use what they have learned while volunteering within the community.

In addition, many people in Finland are interested in the arts. They enjoy taking part in activities like painting and playing an instrument when they have free time.

It’s interesting to see how people spend their free time in Finland. Many of the activities that they enjoy are also popular elsewhere in the world but they do seem to enjoy learning and volunteering more so than in many other places. It will be interesting to see whether this trend continues and how much the influence of esports will become more prevalent in the country in the future.