Most of us spend a fair amount of our waking time online taking part in activities including gaming, messaging, and sending emails. The Internet is something that has a massive impact on lives across the world.

So, how do people in different countries spend their time online? Activities are similar across the globe but some are more popular in particular places. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Online gaming in Finland

Gaming is big news in Finland, especially since competitive esports was officially recognized in the country in 2017.

People in the country are also enthusiastic about online casino gaming and spend time online searching for ilmaiskierroksia ilman talletusta, free spins without deposit in the Finnish language. Doing this gives them the opportunity to spend more time playing the games that they love.

Videoconferencing on Zoom in the UK

2020 has been a year when more people than ever have been using videoconferencing as a means of communicating, out of necessity.

In the UK and other countries across the world, people are using Zoom to take part in business meetings. The app is not only being used for business either. There are lots of social activities taking place, like virtual parties, discos, and quizzes.

Using WhatsApp in Germany

WhatsApp is used across the world as a means of sending messages, images, and videos. In Germany, it seems to be especially popular. WhatsApp is the most widely used social media platform in the country.

Facebooking with friends in Australia

Facebook is used by huge numbers of people across the planet and is especially popular in countries like Australia. This is especially the case with Facebook Messenger which is the messaging app of choice in Australia.

It’s hardly surprising that people in the country spend so much time online using Facebook Messenger given how remote some areas of the country are.

Shopping for bargains in China

People all over the world love to shop online. However, the activity seems to be an especially popular one in China.

More than 710 million people in the country use Intenet for shopping. This is almost 80% of Internet usage in China overall.

Surf the RuNet in Russia

The Internet in Russia is not as open as it is in most other countries, thanks to laws that were recently imposed. These rules allow the Russian government to control the flow of data if required.

However, this does not seem to diminish the popularity of the Internet in the country. There are more than 116 million Internet users in Russia overall. This digital connectivity starts for people in the country from childhood. This is because Russian children are given digital devices from a very young age.

Send an email in the US

Many people in different countries use the Internet to send emails every day. However, the activity seems to be especially prevalent in the US.

According to a 2019 survey, 90% of Internet users in the country send emails on a regular basis. Some of these emails are sent as a method of personal communication. Others are sent for business reasons; many as part of email marketing campaigns which are still an important part of most marketing strategies.

Live stream gaming on YouTube in India

Although Twitch is fast becoming the go-to streaming app for gamers the world over, YouTube still rules in India.

The hugely popular PUBG Mobile is often streamed on the social media platform. This makes it the place to be online for Indian gamers and their followers.

In summary

It’s interesting to see how people around the world spend time online. You will probably be familiar with most of these activities and may spend time taking part in them yourself.

The most important thing to remember, no matter what you do online, is that you should take care of your security. Doing so helps you to protect your personal data.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this look at Internet activities around the world. It will be interesting to see how the Internet evolves over the next few years and how these activities change in different countries.