How media presents common daily news as the crispy one


Media contains an important role in our life. We can say that a person lives according to media and social media is the best example for that. We get news and daily updates of the whole world by media but the point is what to believe and what to neglect. It is obvious that there are less reality and more fiction. How media present daily news into the crispy one, let’s have a look here.

This has been the controversial fact. Animals are totally different from human beings but sometimes media tries to prove it wrong.

  • The reality becomes fake

There was an article published by NASA in 2016 in which it was told that if astrology were scientific, the zodiac signs would change their positions and media manipulated this as if people were going to change their zodiac signs. Finally, NASA had to publish a new one with the explanation.

  • Regular updates

Although media manipulates the common news yet it has a very important role in our daily life. We cannot be updated with the news all around the world if there are no media.

  • Highlights and dim lights

It is very common that media highlights a thing too much but only for a few days. After that, there is no existence of any update regarding that highlights.

  • Highly adjusted nature

Media has a power to convince the people due to its highly adjusted nature.

  • What we see and what they are

Most of the times, the news are totally wrong as we cannot see the actual reality. Media shows something else which is away from the true world.

  • Reality is led to downwards

Totally, media tries to keep away the people from reality.

  • Worthless things are shown

Media tries to increase the interest of the people towards the worthless things rather the precious one.

  • The people are proved wrong

This picture came from a project work to show the importance of relationship but media showed that this child was lying between his parents’ grave. Totally here, people were proved wrong who did not care for the child.

Extraordinary interfere

Media has an extraordinary interfere with people’s life especially celebrities. To reveal their private information is supposed to the right of media.