You’re not the only one if you’ve ever caught yourself browsing through endless makeup tutorials on the internet… It occurs to the most well-intentioned of us. Aside from your YouTube binge, you may have spotted a rising subject about ‘eye form.’ These are cosmetic looks that enhance distinct aspects of your natural eye shape. Distinct designs suit distinct eye shapes, from letting the eye appear more open to emphasizing a specific feature. The same can be said with eyelash extensions.

Many individuals are unaware that eyelash extensions come in a variety of designs. Many lash clinics don’t even offer various styles, rather, they proceed by laying you down and starting to apply for extensions as soon as your visit starts. If this occurs, make every effort to flee because you’ve most likely encountered a terrible lash technician!

In this article, we will go through the various eyelash types and how to choose the best for you. Let’s get to it!

Types of Eyelash Extensions

1. Natural Eye

The idea behind this style is to maintain the lashes as natural as possible. You’ll appear to be one of the fortunate few with long, thick lashes.

Your natural eyelashes have the same features as your natural eye. The length of the eyelid is rather uniform throughout, with a bit less on the inner and outer edges. Mixed-length extensions are put right along the eye to replicate lashes at all phases of their natural growth cycle.

2. The Open Eye

This method emphasizes the eye’s center by increasing bulk and length in the center of the eyelid, narrowing down at each end to create proportionate graduation.

Typically, the edges of the eyelid would be filled with 8mm lashes, with the center of the eyelid being filled with 12-14mm lashes.

3. The Cat Eye


You may recognize this look from eye makeup videos in which eyeliner is swished around the outer corner of the eye… Eyelash extensions can be used in the same way, but in a more striking and elegant approach.

The lashes commence at their least length at the inner edge and progressively get longer until they reach their greatest length at the outer corner. By the time we hit the outside corner, the length disparity has increased by around 50%. As an example, a 9mm inner corner lash could result in a 14mm outside corner lash.

The best eyelash clinics ensure that they invest in quality lashes and essential tools such as getting eyelash tweezers wholesales to ensure that they also take care of the hygiene part when it comes to handling different customers.

4. The Baby Doll Eyes

The Doll Eye is a hybrid of the naturalistic and open eye designs, with lashes that are longer all the way over the eye line, with the extended lashes in the center of the eye.

This design will make the eyes look larger and denser, but not as much as an Open Eye style.

How Do You Choose the Best Eyelashes that Suit You?

In most cases, the most logical way to choose eyelashes is depending on the type of eyes you love. So buckle up as we break things down for you to make your selection process easier:

1. Deep Set Eyes

Simply put, a deep-set eye rests deeper in the eye socket. As a result, the goal of lash design is to give the illusion of being more prominent.

We normally recommend the Baby Doll or Open Eyelash styles to assist draw the eye out since they give the impression that the eye is sitting further out.

2. Protruding Eyes

Protruding eyes are the complete antithesis of deep-set eyes since they sit further out of the eye socket. They have round eyes about 80% of the time, according to my estimation.

The goal here is to emphasize the outer edges since you already have wide round eyes (which is a blessing!).

Choose the Cat Eye design or a variation such as the Kitten Eye, which is a shortened selection of the Cat Eye. Adding elongation and thickness to the outer edges of your eyes will create the illusion of an almond shape and attract attention to your huge, lovely eyes.

3. Hooded Eyes

This indicates that you have some excess skin just above the furrow of your eye. This can range from a subtle, almost undetectable hood to a thick, overlaying hood that can rest on the pinnacle of the lash line.

Now, if your hooded eyes have been as a result of not getting adequate sleep, you need to endure that you change your routine to suit your program, otherwise the lashes will not look great on you once your eyes go back to their normal form.

When used on hooded eyes, the Open Eye design always results in striking before and after photographs because it adds a lot of depth and draws focus to the eye itself.

4. Close Set Eyes

It is defined by a gap of less than one eye between the eyes. If the space between the inner corners of your left and right eyes is shorter than the space between the outer and inner corners of your left and right eyes, you have ‘close-set’ eyes. Cat-eye works best here.

The Bottom Line

Whatever eyelash extension you look at should pretty much be to your content. Just remember to take good care of them, keep your body hydrated, and do not forget to carry your mask and sanitizer as you head to the salon. All the best!