How to do that perfect eyebrow make up


Perfect eyebrow makeup-Our eyes are the gateways to our soul. Eyebrows are one of the most important features of a beautiful woman because they outline our eyes. Properly shaped and groomed eyebrows can add on to elegance, beauty, preciseness and helps in sharpening our features.

Always arch your eyebrows such that it must be in line with your pupil. It is according to your face shape and your features that you should determine the height and length of the eyebrow arch.

Here is the way to do perfect eyebrow makeup

How to do perfect eyebrow makeup

Follow these steps to do perfect eyebrow makeup

If you are blessed with strong jawlines, then you must go for bolder eyebrows. Such face shape needs specific eyebrow care else the jawline will draw attention. Exchange your tweezers for eyebrow scissors and go severely on them.

Elongating brows horizontally (not vertically please) balances a long oval-ish face. If the brow tails are sparse, using a powder, extend them a little past the outer corners of your eyes.

For many, the shape tapers to a sharp point at the chin. In such cases, your eyebrows should emit softness, with a low arch hugging the brow bone. Go easy with the brow pencil and make it look natural.

1) The first step is to fill in the noticeable spots that are bald. A  brow pencil that is a shade lighter than your hair will do the magic. Make short, angled strokes in the brow hair direction and remember not to go beyond the natural line of your eyebrows.

2) Add volume to the eyebrows. If your brows are thin or you have of fine hair, skip ahead to step three. Else, gently apply brow gel in the direction opposite to the hair growth, move from the tail to the absolute inner corner.

3) You must apply some brow powder over the pencil. This helps to blend in color and the natural pigment of your brows and add some dimensions to it. Use a small angled brush for this purpose.


4) Lightly apply a clean brush upward (preferably a spooley type) through your eyebrows it helps to remove the excess of the pigment and blurs the edges.