How To Dress For Your Body Shape

Striped Dress
Striped Dress

We all want a wardrobe filled with body-flattering options, don’t we? However, dressing up for your body shape can sometimes be hard, expensive, and definitely challenging. But with some helpful tips & tricks, our guidelines, and just a few essential items that you already have in your wardrobe, you will look more extravagant than ever! Just make sure you determine your body shape before browsing through your closet.

What Is Your Body Shape?


What Is It?

This body shape is determined by having more weight on the upper portion of the body, and it looks like an apple. If you have fat mostly around your waist area, then you do fall into this category. Your arms and legs are a lot slimmer than the rest of your body, and your bust is probably quite big, right? If so, you are an apple shaped beauty!

What To Wear?

Well, in your case, make sure you create a diversion at the midsection of your body.

You should look for V-necklines since these will elongate your torso but will create a tiny waist. You can wear A-line dresses or jackets and knee-length skirts if you want to look just right. In terms of pants, you should purchase boot-cut or straight leg pants since these will give you a bit of volume on your lower portion as well, and will blend perfectly with the upper portion. Print-wise, vertical patterns are the way to go.

What Not To Wear?

Tight clothes on the upper body portion. Also avoid some tacky and large pocket details, especially if they feature polka dots or any rounded details.


What Is It?

Your body shape has more weight on the lower part of the body, mainly in hips and the upper thigh area. If your shoulders are a lot more narrow than your lower portion and your bust is on the smaller side then you have a pear-shaped body.

What To Wear?

You should always accentuate your waistline. You can achieve this by playing around with some structured jackets which have some seamless padding or mini jackets which will let your hips show and which won’t cover them. In terms of tops, always go for a square neckline.

Your ultimate go-to outfit should be a jumpsuit which is monochromatic, but with a statement belt detail around your waist. Throw on a blazer to give it a chic and a friendly office vibe, and don’t forget some jewelry and match it with your belt.

What Not To Wear?

Avoid slim cut pants since these will make your body look disproportions. Also, trench coats are a bad idea since these will hide your strongest feature – your buttocks and your thighs.

Straight (Pencil body)

What Is It?

The lines of your body are straight and are the same at the top as well as at the bottom. Your shoulders are the same width as your hips, and almost all of your body parts are the same in terms of curves and definition.

What To Wear?

You should create curves at the right place by pairing up the right items. Make your waist a bit smaller and more narrow to give yourself a curved body. You can achieve this with deep V wrap tops which you can also tie around your waist area. You can also add some ruffles to your outfit and create that much-needed depth. A safe choice in your case would be a high waisted pencil skirt paired up with a deep V neck top, or even a feminine flowy dress. You can wear a beautiful peplum dress and a practical belt which will break down your body and give it more curves and enjoy it in any color and print.

What Not To Wear?

Don’t wear straight cut pants or tops. You need a lot of definition, which means waves and curves in every possible form.


What Is It?

An hourglass body shape is very defined and curvy overall. If you have a fuller bust and fuller hips, as well as buttocks and thighs then you fall under this category.

What To Wear?

You can embrace your body shape by doing the least amount of work. Since your body is already well balanced in all the right places you shouldn’t overdo anything. Dress up clothes which follow your natural and feminine curves, such as structured jackets and dresses. You can go for high waisted skirts or even pencil skirts and enhance your hourglass figure. When it comes to jeans and pants, stick with tight skinny jeans and show off every inch. Top-wise, even turtlenecks are allowed in your case.

What Not To Wear?

You don’t need oversized cuts or a lot of bright prints. Also, avoid cropped pants since these will make your legs wider and shorter than they actually are.


Q: What If I Have Smaller Bust?

A: You can fix this issue with a good padded or even a push-up bra. Also, draw away the attention from your chest by wearing a shirt which has bright colorful patterns.

Q: What If I Have Full Bust?

A: Elongate your neckline by reaching for a top which has a deep V or U shape. Don’t go for necklines, dolman sleeves, or ruffle details, as well as oversized jewelry which will even further accentuate your décolletage.

Q: What If I Have Bigger Arms?

A: Stay away from cap sleeves, but embrace elbow-length and quarter length sleeves. Also, go for blazers and jackets that are not too tight around your triceps, but are a bit looser.

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