How to Easily Enhance the Color and Shape of Your Eyes with Eyeliners


In this trending world, the reign of black eyeliner is over. There are a ton of colorful liners available that add a little fun to your overall look. You can choose from different ranges of color. Here is a list of some tips and tricks that you can use to get the best look with the help of your eyeliner.

How to Enhance the Color and Shape of Your Eyes with Eyeliners

Some Basic Tips:

• Make sure that you do not choose a color that takes away from the natural beauty of your eye color
• Before you start the makeup, visualize the look you are going for.
• Decide on the finish that you would want – matte or glossy.
• Consider your features and the size of your eyes before visualizing a particular look.
• Figure out the shape of your eyes before you go for any style.

Eyeliner Application Tips As Per Eye Shape:

perfect winged eyeliner

• If you have round eyes, then you should try adding some length by going for a winged liner for a cat eye and elongated appearance.
• If you have smaller eyes, then you should go for lighter shades with a dark liner that covers the outer corners of your eyes. This will make your eyes look bigger.
• And if you have big eyes, then go for some fun experiment by putting a bold and dark liner.

Choose The Best Eyeliner As Per Your Eye Color:

• Blue Eyes

blue eyes eyeliner

If you possess blue eyes then you can bring more focus towards them to make your eyes stand from the crowd. You can either go for a rusty terracotta shade. You can also make your eyes appear brighter by applying copper, emerald, and gold colors, which is bound to make your blue eyes look even more mesmerizing.

• Grey Eyes

olivia wilde grey eyes

Grey eyes are very tricky to deal with but with the right hint of makeup, you can enhance your eyes. You can go for a burgundy liner, which will make your eyes pop by adding the right amount of color and focus to your eyes. Along with that, chocolate brown and neutral color ranges will also complement the color of your eyes.

• Green Eyes

eyeliner for green eyes

To bring focus to your amazing green eyes, you can line the lid with black first and then go for a thin line of rusty color or deep purple plumy and they will make your eyes look flattering. And the thin liner is to make your eyes look wide awake. Amethyst and Bronze are also good shades to experiment with.

• Brown Eyes

blue eyeliner brown eyes

You can bring focus to your brown eyes by adding a pop of cobalt blue onto your eyes. And in case you don’t want anything with such depth, then you can go for a navy blue eyeliner. This comes as a great substitute for women who don’t want the same old black suiting their eye color and complexion.

• Hazel Eyes

best eyeliner for hazel eyes

Colors like brown, gold, bronze, and olive go very well if you have got hazel eyes.

So, try these fun and amazing shades and shapes of your eyeliners. Take it a notch up with your eye makeup to enhance your makeup and overall look. Eye makeup makes up a major part of your look and is an essential part to gather attention. Go through these simple and perfect tips and tricks and see how they work for you!