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Wondering where to shop for your body shape? Women who need comfort, practically and style will enjoy these several different fashion sites! Being a plus size woman has its perks, but it can seem like we are cursed when it comes to picking out our new items of clothing. However, some sites have specialized in creating only the best for curvier women, such as the following 13 of them:


Target is a well-known US brand which can provide you with anything and everything that your heart desires. It is a store which features great service and amazing items, at an affordable price. Also, those women who are not in the US can still experience an amazing quality as well as items through their online shopping site.

What To Get?

How about you try out this lovely black dress? It is the perfect go-to choice during both day & night, and it can be styled carelessly or super formal. If you are a fan of colors, you can also slip into the black & white floral print and wear it to some other, more ‘business’ events. The dress can be styled with both heels and sneakers, based on your preference.

What You Need To Know About This Item

This is a short-sleeved mini dress which looks very elegant and is quite flowy and easy to throw on and move around during the day. It has an interesting texture, and a sexy side slit on the side which will leave you feeling comfortable and chic. It has a deep V neck which will accentuate your breasts and will make you look like a casual diva. It is made out of 100% pure polyester, and it feels very soft against the body. It does not have any pockets, which means that you should always carry a handbag when wearing it, or at least a small clutch to store all of your favorite go-to items. Make sure you machine wash it and tumble dry.

How To Style?

Luckily for you, this is an ideal piece for all year-round.

SPRING: You can wear this dress when heading out on a hot date and wear kitten heels to get that romantic vibe. Add a mono-colored cardigan in case it gets chilly in the night.

SUMMER: Wear the dress with a bright coral lipstick and some cute light colored wedges. Wrap up the look with a clutch bag.

FALL:  Wear your favorite leather jacket and some sock boots to get that recklessly chic vibe.

WINTER: Grab a pair of leggings or hosiery to stay warm. You can also throw on an oversized sweater if you need thicker fabrics on top.

Women's Plus Size Scarf Hem Dress - Prologue
Women’s Plus Size Scarf Hem Dress – Prologue

Source: Target


Torrid is another US brand which sells affordable women’s clothes, and they even have over 400 shops in 36 different states! Initially, Torrid opened in Canada and slowly began to grow due to their high-quality items which were all reasonably priced. Nowadays you can get pretty much anything that a woman can ask for (women only tho, they don’t sell men’s clothes as Target does). In case you don’t live in Canada or any of their 36 states, you can still shop online and enjoy true curve-enhancing clothes.

What To Get?

If you are not too sure what to get as your first purchased item from Torrid, then we highly recommend this blouse. It comes in a beautiful and feminine lilac color which can look great on darker and lighter complexions. This piece is a bit more formal and elegant, so make sure it suits your style before purchasing it.

What You Need To Know About This Item

This is a short-sleeved blouse which has a cleavage-baring neckline. It has a deep V cut which will suit and look the best on women who have bigger breasts. It is very flattering thanks to its tummy-concealing babydoll which is perfectly placed above your waist and which will leave you with a figure-flattering outcome. Also, this design is suitable for pregnant women since it can hide their belly. It is very stretchy and comfy against the body since it is made out of polyester. You can wear it throughout the day and enjoy its fresh and comfy fit. Once washing it, make sure you use the gentle cycle and dry it on low temperature.

How To Style?

This piece can be worn throughout the year! How? You ask? Like so:

SPRING: Wear it during the Spring season with some skinny high waist jeans. Finish off the look with flat shoes and a tote bag.

SUMMER: Match this lilac colored blouse with a black or white colored skirt. Wear either black or white wedges, and add a stylish belt around the waist as a finishing touch.

FALL: Wear some cigarette pants, comfy sneakers, and a relaxed blazer. Go for that ‘smart’ vibe, but with a touch of you in it.

WINTER: Put on your denim pants and throw on a chunky cardigan which will keep you warm. Don’t forget some fluffy light colored boots (such as pink or purple) which will perfectly match your top.

Lily - Dusty Purple Georgette Babydoll Blouse
Lily – Dusty Purple Georgette Babydoll Blouse

Source: Torrid

City Chic

City Chic is an Australian brand which makes high-quality items at affordable prices. They are a bit more expensive (because they are from Australia) but are well worth it. They have an amazing website which will deliver all of your listed items for free if you spend over $150 on their site, and they have an amazing size chart and fit guarantee system.

What To Get?

If you are off to your best friends wedding, or if you are going to celebrate your birthday party, or even if you simply love stylish and girly items then this playsuit will suit you! It comes in one color only, which is this bright floral pattern, which will look very feminine on every woman, no matter her age or body shape. Floral patterns are very chic, and this playsuit will come in handy if you need to spice up your wardrobe.

What You Need To Know About This Item

This piece has midi length sleeves and a deep V neckline, as well as the feminine open back concept. This style is very attention-seeking, so make sure you are okay with it before making your next purchase. The sleeves are very floaty and feminine, while the waist is well fitted and has a twist-front detail. You will feel comfortable in it during your everyday activities since it has a wide cut leg, which will make your walking experience a lot more bearable. It has a double button closure in the back, as well as the invisible zip opening. Made out of 100% polyester, and very stretchy, as well as wavy. You should wash it separately before you use it. Make sure you turn on the cold, gentle wash and don’t bleach your item. Don’t dry clean it either, and warm iron it on the reverse side.

How To Style?

This playsuit can be styled during Spring & Summer!

SPRING: Wear a pair of your favorite sneakers (possibly blue, pink, navy, or white colored) with this jumpsuit. Add some colorful and neon bright necklace or earrings to enjoy the ultimate ‘spring’ vibe.

SUMMER: Dress it up with a pair of your favorite heels and don’t forget a cute clutch bag. This playsuit is very flirty, so make sure you pair it up with bold lip color, as well as a winged liner when heading out.

Shop Women's Plus Size Flourished Playsuit - black City Chic AU
Shop Women’s Plus Size Flourished Playsuit – black City Chic AU

Source: City Chick


Mod Cloth is a US online retailer who has some of the best Indie and vintage items of clothing that many women have a hard time resisting. The company has been providing women of all ages and size shapes with the best affordable clothing items ever since 2002! In case you didn’t lay your arms on any of their items by now, it is time to change that.

What To Get?

If you need your perfect skirt which you can wear to your job, meetings, lunch breaks, dates, or even when heading to your nail’s appointment, this is it! It is very flowy and feminine, so make sure you are ready to enjoy some girly styles once you purchase it. The best part? You can get it in 15 different color options! You can choose either monocolored ones or super bright and fun prints if you want to spice up your style and add some color to your life and your closet.

What You Need To Know About This Item

This is a midi length skirt which is super flowy and easy to style, as well as wear during any activity. It is elasticated around your waist, and it has a hint of that vintage vibe which is very fun & unique. If you prefer skirts which are high-waisted and great at hiding some belly fat, this is it! It is also quite practical because it features side pockets which will come in handy during your everyday life. The skirt is covered with different colored elements, shapes, or it can simply come in one color only. It is made out of 80% Polyester, 15% Rayon, 5% Spandex, while its lining is 100% Polyester. You can machine wash it. Lastly, there is a side zipper with a hook and eye closure on the side.

How To Style?

You can wear this flowy beauty throughout the year!

SPRING: Choose your favorite color and match it with a contrasting blouse. Add a beautiful hair accessory and embrace that old & vintage vibe.

SUMMER: Wear your chosen skirt with a sleeveless tank top and some flats.

FALL: Reach for your knee-high boots and your good old trench coat. Don’t forget a shoulder bag to wrap up the look.

WINTER: Wear some thicker pair of leggings underneath the skirt along with your snow boots. Add a chunky scarf and a cozy sweater on top and enjoy colder weather carefreely.

Just This Sway A-Line Skirt
Just This Sway A-Line Skirt

Source: ModCloth


Eloquii is one of those fashion brands who know that beauty & fashion doesn’t stop once you reach size 12, which is why they are one of the perfect go-to brands for plus size women who are looking for affordable clothing. This company is based in New York and Columbus, but they can ship your much-loved items anywhere and at any given point thanks to their online site!

What To Get?

If you are a workaholic woman or you simply love to dress smartly then how about you give this blazer a chance? It is beautiful, formal, easy to style, and ideal for everyone no matter their age. It comes in black, navy, burgundy or green colors, and it should be your staple piece if you don’t mind the casual or business style.

What You Need To Know About This Item

This is a classical blazer which is very comfy on the body, could even act and feel like a thicker cardigan. It is crafted from comfy fabrics such as Camden stretch and polyester while being very lightweight and stretchy. In specific, it is made out of 66% Rayon / 25% Nylon / and 9% Spandex. It has long sleeves and is not too long nor too short on the torso, just perfect and somewhere in between. It has the front button-up fabric, as well as front welt pockets. It is unlined and has a tailored fit. Make sure you dry clean it only every month or so.

How To Style?

You can style it throughout the year besides in the Summer, it might be too thick if you are exposed to higher temperatures, and you don’t want to sweat in it, right?

SPRING: Wear the blazer with a tank top, some wide-leg pants, and a pair of comfy sneakers on the bottom. You can also throw on a lightweight scarf and rock your old school backpack if you want to embrace your casual street style.

FALL: Wear a blouse and a high waisted skirt for that office look. You can also reach for any tote bag and some kitten heels.

WINTER: Go for your favorite winter boots (ankle or knee length) and a warm coat. Wear denim colored jeans along with a scarf to finish off the look.

9-to-5 Stretch Work Blazer Women's Plus Size Coats + Jackets ELOQUII
9-to-5 Stretch Work Blazer Women’s Plus Size Coats + Jackets ELOQUII

Source: Eloquii

Monif C

Monif C is another US brand which specializes in lingerie & swimwear items! No matter if you need a onesie, two-piece set bikini, or even that smoking hot outfit for the bedroom, they will have your back! Also, their shipping is quite fast, and you will get your items sooner than expected.

What To Get?

If you are not that feminine & flirty, then it just might be the time for you to change that and to completely enjoy this two-piece set. It comes in black color only, which will make your waist appear a lot slimmer while also giving you a lot of confidence. Women who are not too sure what lingerie might suit them and they don’t know where to try out this set since it is really basic, yet stunning.

What You Need To Know About This Item

You can and should get this two-piece set which is consistent out of a babydoll and matching panties asap. This outfit is appropriate for your Saturday night outs if you want to look sexy in the club, but is also a killer for the bedroom. It will hug your body and give you a flattering figurine thanks to its tight fit around your waist. If you are someone who prefers to have all things in one place, then you will get both upper and lower parts with your purchase. This set is made out of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. Once you wash it,  to make sure you hand wash it then lay flat to dry completely.

How To Style?

You can style this set whenever and wherever! It is appropriate during any season, and can easily be styled as long as you bring your confidence with you! However, it may not be the most ideal or comfy choice when running errands, shopping, or going for a walk in the park. It is a lot more glam and will suit your special and formal occasions the best.

Nikki Plus Size Bustier w/Matching Panty Lingerie

Plus Size Bustier w/Matching Panty Lingerie

Source: Monif C

Just My Size

Just My Size is that brand that everyone has heard off. They began their production in 1995 where they were initially only selling socks. In 1997 they began producing jeans, and nowadays they are selling everything that a young woman could ask for! Their shops are also available in Walmarts, or you can shop online.

What To Get?

How about you enjoy this hot & bright swimwear? It is covered in beautiful multi-colored patterns and will come in handy since Summer is just around the corner! You can and should enjoy a stylish piece at least a few times a year, such as when going to the next big pool party, or when having a blast with your friends on the beach.

What You Need To Know About This Item

This is a beautiful & feminine swimwear which has a flattering flyaway top. It comes with black bottoms, but you can choose a few different kinds and enjoy a unique and differently colored option each time. Since this is a florally inspired bikini, you can enjoy bright patterns and show off your brave style. Also, this piece is great at making distractions and will help you hide any unwanted extras around your belly or hips thanks to its fluttery style. The top has soft cups and will help you highlight your bustline. You can adjust the straps in the back for a comfortable fit. This bikini is made out of 91% Nylon/9% spandex; liner: 100% polyester.

How To Style?

You can wear this item in the Summer only. Wear it with a pink or coral lipstick and a pair of comfy wedges. Don’t forget your favorite sunglasses and a good lotion to avoid sunburns.

JMS Palm Breeze Flyaway Swim Top
JMS Palm Breeze Flyaway Swim Top

Source: Just My Size

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is a US retail clothing store which primarily focuses on affordable plus-size women’s clothing. The store has been operating since 1904, and in 2013 they managed to open up over 800 stores in 46 US states! In case you don’t live in any of these 46 states you should purchase their items online.

What To Get?

You should get this oversized and off the shoulder sweater. Their sweaters and tops are cozy, comfy, and stretchy, which is ideal if you need a lot of space and you prefer loose clothing. This sweater is available in either white or light pastel blue color options and will look the best on women who prefer soft and romantic style. When you browse through their site, you will notice that a lot of their items are almost always on sale, while being available in several different sizes for plus size bodies.

What You Need To Know About This Item

This is a long sleeve sweater which has that careless and cute off the shoulder vibe. It looks very flirty and is longer at the bottom, which makes it great for these current colder days. It will keep you warm throughout the day and will look ideal for any given everyday situation. It has a covered elastic fold-over neckline and a ribbed trim while being made out of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. When taking care of it, you should machine wash it and let it air dry.

How To Style?

You can style this piece during any season besides Summer since it is a thicker fabric which might make you sweat, and you should avoid that.

SPRING: Wear the sweater on its own with some skinny jeans and comfy sneakers.

FALL: Pair up the sweater with your favorite high waist skirt and tuck it in. Wrap yourself up in a chunky scarf and don’t forget some cute boots too!

WINTER: Wear the sweater with some light colored jeans (any pastel color) and some bright colored boots. Wear a warmer coat and a light colored hat and enjoy that snow fantasy vibe!

Off-the-Shoulder Cable Sweater Lane Bryant
Off-the-Shoulder Cable Sweater Lane Bryant

Source: Lane Bryant


Maurices is another US brand which is based in Minnesota where the first store opened in 1931. Nowadays Maurices have over 1000 different stores in US and Canada. If you are from Europe, Australia, or any other part of the world simply dive into their online site and browse through their amazing selection of affordable plus size clothing items!

What To Get?

Are you someone who lives for floral patterns? Or maybe you have a casual birthday party, or a wedding to attend to? Either way, this dress will suit many different occasions. You should get it and enjoy its bright floral pattern during the weekend, or when doing something fancy during working days. It comes in one color only, which is this deep dark navy with bright pink flower patterns. Their dresses are high quality, and are often on sale, so no reason not to try one out, right?

What You Need To Know About This Item

The dress has long sleeves and is a midi length fit which will look very girly and lady-like on every woman. It is covered in floral prints and has a handy wrap front detail. If you love deep V cuts, this one will suit your style, and will accentuate your breasts (so make sure you are okay with popping them). The bottom of the dress is asymmetrical and very feminine & playful. Girls who love bold & unique dresses will enjoy this one. You can wear it to your next big office party, birthdays, or whenever enjoying a casual date night. The dress is made out of 100% polyester, and it should be machine washed.

How To Style?

You can style this dress throughout the year!

SPRING: Embrace its floral patterns and enjoy the Spring season at its fullest. The dress should be styled with some flat shoes, a mini clutch bag, and some giant flower-inspired earrings.

SUMMER: Wear this dress with a dark blue eyeshadow and some dark colored wedges. You can spice it up and go for some stiletto heels and go out to the club.

FALL: Wear your favorite trench coat on top of this dress with some ankle boots. Add a stylish burgundy scarf to bring back some color and dimension to the outfit.

WINTER: Don’t forget a pair of thick leggings or some chunky hosiery to feel warm throughout the day. Add a thick cardigan or sweater on top and make sure you button up your coat!

Plus size floral long sleeve wrap dress maurices

Source: Maurices

Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe has been a go-to affordable plus size choice for women ever since 1975. This brand has amazing accessories, clothing items and shoes for all the ladies out there, but they also have an amazing line for your kids as well.

What To Get?

Since Spring is moments away and you want to greet it the best way you can how about you choose this front twist sweater to achieve that? It is quite playful, lightweight, and easy to style. You can wear it as your staple piece when heading out to work, or when enjoying your everyday casual activities. Also, it is available in white, black or mustard color options, and it is a striped color pattern which will look stylish on every lady.

What You Need To Know About This Item

This is a long sleeve sweater which features a front twist design at the front. You can enjoy its deep V neck and proudly show off your collarbones and your cleavage once you put it on. Charlotte Russe accepts returns or exchanges within 30 days of your ship date, which is great news in case you purchase this sweater in a wrong size. The sweater is very cozy and lightweight against the body while being available in several different sizes which is great in case you demand options.

How To Style?

Style this sweater during the entire year besides during Summer.

SPRING: Wear the sweater on its own and match it with some washed out denim jeans. You can go for both flats or sneakers, based on your preference.

FALL: Wear a leather biker jacket on top of this sweater. Match with some darker pants and don’t forget a stylish backpack.

WINTER: Dress up warm & cozy by sticking with a coat, some warmer & fuzzy boots, as well as your go-to skinny jeans.

Plus Size Front Twist V Neck Pullover Sweater Charlotte Russe
Plus Size Front Twist V Neck Pullover Sweater Charlotte Russe

Source: Charlotte Russe

Forever 21

Everyone must know about Forever 21 by now, right? They have been in business for over 30 years, and have opened up over 4000 stores worldwide! Did you know that they are the 5th largest retailer in the US? If you want to enjoy any of their items, you will find something for you, your husband/boyfriend, or even for your children! There is a high chance that there is at least one store near you, so make sure you do your research before you shop online.

What To Get?

A lot of women swear by their jeans since they are well-made, high-quality, and are reasonably priced. Some women believe that Forever 21 is like a cheaper version of H&M, which does seem just about right. If you are looking for your perfect everyday go-to pants, these might be it. They come in black color only but in many different size numbers.

What You Need To Know About This Item

These are high waist skinny jeans which will accentuate your curves the best and like no other pants. They feature a chic and stylish ripped detail around the knee, which can look even better once you wear some ripped fishnets underneath. These jeans are very comfy, and you can wear them during your everyday activities. However, they might be the most appropriate for coffee date nights, classes, or shopping sprees! These are made out of 91% cotton, 7% polyester, and 2% spandex. You should machine wash them and let them hang dry.

How To Style?

You can wear these pants throughout the year, no matter the season! They can look great once paired up with a cropped top, tank top, T-shirt, or even a blouse! It is all about mixing & matching, so make sure you show off your style the best way you can, in these sexy ripped skinny jeans!

Plus Size Ripped Skinny Jeans
Plus Size Ripped Skinny Jeans

Source: Forever 21


Venus was founded in 1984 and is a popular American clothing and swimwear retailer site. They’ve been expanding rapidly since 2006, and their main headquarter is in Jacksonville, Florida. You will easily find everything that your heart desired on their site, including jewelry.

What To Get?

How about you get this flowy asymmetrical skirt? It is available in white or pink color options, and it comes in many different sizes. If you need your perfect for date clothing items, clubbing & nightwear, or even everyday flowy skirts, this one will come in handy! It is not expensive whatsoever and is currently on the sale.

What You Need To Know About This Item

This is a mesh midi skirt which has a flowy fit, and an asymmetrical bottom. It is high waisted and will make your waist appear smaller and slimmer than it is. The skirt runs large, so make sure you get it in size down for a better and more fitted look. You can zip it on the side with the invisible zipper. This skirt is made out of polyester and is very cute & playful, ideal for women who prefer a girly and feminine way of dressing. You should machine wash this skirt with cold water. Make sure you don’t bleach it and hang it flat to dry. Once it is dry iron it on the lowest setting.

How To Style?

You can style and wear this skirt during any season besides winter. It might be a bit too thin for colder temperatures.

SPRING: Wear either a pink or white skirt and go for a floral top. Don’t forget a fun & flirty pink clutch bag, as well as a pair of comfy flats.

SUMMER: Dress up and go to the club in this skirt once you successfully match it with a tank top, or a cropped top. Wear a pair of comfy wedges and dance the night away in this lovely OOTD!

FALL: Match your skirt with some knee-high boots and don’t forget your trusted bomber jacket, or a wool coat to stay warm.


Source: Venus


Boohoo is a UK based fashion retailer who will leave women that are around 15-30 years of age speechless. They’ve been around since 2006, but have grown super fast, and they’ve become a definite must for women in America as well.

What To Get?

If you are ready to express your bold and unique fashion style, you should hop into this bright neon colored dress. You can get it in either black, pink or lime-green, and wear to some fancy night outs. This dress will suit younger women the best, and those who are off to a party, date nights, or even a wedding.

What You Need To Know About This Item

This is a midi length dress with long sleeves and a square neckline. It is available in 3 different and dramatic colors, which are ideal for those who seek attention. You can wear this bodycon dress and take a lot of pictures in it, however, be aware that it will show off all of your features (best & worst) since it is a tight model. You can dress it up or down, based on the event where you are headed. This dress is made out of 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane. You can machine wash it and iron.

How To Style?

Style the dress during the weekend or when you’re headed to some fancy event. It is not ideal for everyday wear, and you should wear it with some high heels, wedges, or flat shoes, just not sneakers.

Plus Neon Slinky Sqaure Neck Sleeved Midi Dress Boohoo
Plus Neon Slinky Square Neck Sleeved Midi Dress Boohoo

Source: Boohoo


Last, but not least, you can shop at Rainbow. This is a US brand which is available in over 1000 locations in the US, as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Every woman, as well as a child, will find their ideal clothing items with Rainbow. Their headquarter is in Brooklyn, and the brand has been providing their customers with the best items since 1935.

What To Get?

How about you get this super casual and playful dress? It is great for women who love minimalistic items, and who would kill for something comfy for their everyday activities. This dress is available in burgundy, mustard, and olive color options, and will look great on every plus size beauty!

What You Need To Know About This Item

This is a midi length dress with long sleeves and cute off the shoulder fit. If you prefer stylish and chic pieces, you are going to enjoy it for your everyday activities, such as when going to work, classes, or when running some errands. Off the shoulder fit also features some ruffled details which will only add some dimension to your outfit. You can show off your collar bones and enjoy this dress which is made out of 100% pure viscose. You should hand wash it and lay flat to dry it.

How To Style?

Style the dress during the entire year besides during Winter. It might be a bit too thin or lightweight for this season.

SPRING: Wear the burgundy dress and add a dark burgundy lipstick. Match this dress with some comfy flat shoes and don’t forget your tote bag.

SUMMER: Wear the yellow dress and enjoy some sun when walking around town with your friends. Match it with yellow colored sunglasses, some wedges, and a bright clutch bag.

FALL: This dress should be worn with a trench coat and with some brown suede ankle boots.

Plus Size Ruffled Sweater Dress
Plus Size Ruffled Sweater Dress

Source: Rainbow