The value of a good education can never be overstated. It opens up doors that might have been shut or you never realized they were there. In the UK we are lucky to have some of the best institutions of higher learning in the world. There are many distinguished universities here that have produced the brightest minds of our lifetime. So it makes sense for one to attain a higher qualification. But education in the UK doesn’t come cheap. You can pay tens of thousands of dollars just to get an undergrad degree. This article serves to show you how you can finance your studies and stay debt-free.

What You do not Want to do

It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? We assure you, it can be done. But you need to be prepared to go against the grain. Yes. Do the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing. Their formula is, clearly, not working. That is why they are not independent or debt-free.

Do not Borrow Money from Parents, Family or Friends

For some people, going to university is like a GoFundMe project. This is when you move around from relative to a relative telling them about your ambitions for higher learning. It usually ends with you bemoaning how everything is so expensive and why you might not even go. This does not sound independent, does it? If you are going to make it, you need to pay your own way. Borrowing money from relatives will not help you achieve what you have promised yourself, living independently. If the money is a gift, by all means, take it. But if it has to be paid back, then it won’t do. 

Avoid Student Loans like the Plague

Getting a degree without a student loan is very possible. Many people do not seek out ways to make that happen because it is easier to follow the crowd. Just do what everyone else is doing and hope for the best. Student loans are a burden on students and the country as well. You do not want to start your professional life with a loan you have to pay towards every month. What if you could use that money for something else? Maybe savings or a holiday even. It’s your money, you should be able to decide what to do with it. Let us show you how.

What you Should do

There are some practical steps you can take to help you finance your studies. The ideal scenario is that you are reading this well before you start your first semester. But if you are already in debt and looking for a way out, that’s fine too. You will also find lots of takeaways here.

Using Scholarships to Your Advantage

The journey to higher learning does not start when you get your campus ID. It is good that you are planning to finance your studies and stay out of debt. But you need to take the necessary steps in high school. Universities are always looking for talent. This can be in sports, academics, music, and even recently, video gaming. You need to perform well in a specific area and use it to get a scholarship. There are a lot of fields you can choose to pursue. Even civic engagement will earn you a scholarship in some universities.

Get a Job

Taking a job is one of the best ways for you to finance your studies. If you are thinking about furthering your education, we suggest you get a job and start saving up. You can also get a part-time gig when you are already enrolled. This will go a long way in helping you meet some of the expenses you will incur. We know what you might be thinking right now. “There is no way of saving up or getting a part-time job can be enough.” Well, you are right. But you need to realize that you’ll only succeed in this endeavor if you use a range of methods. 

Working and studying at the same time is not an easy task. You need to make sure you find time for yourself and let loose with your friends. Having some downtime is also extremely important when balancing studies and finances. Marginal investments are sometimes required, therefore, saving a few coins for entertainment makes it easier to balance the books. However, the smarter option is using free money or bonuses to try some chance-based casino games, especially the no-skill-required game of slots. These usually come with plenty of free spins as part of the welcome promotion. Luckily, you aren’t restricted on the number of offers you can take up when browsing through the list of casinos on comparison sites such as Instead of trawling the internet for hours, you get a casino list all in one spot along with the various offers that won’t hurt your budget, but allow you to let off some steam.

Opt for Less Expensive Schools

Who said only insanely expensive schools will give you an education. The UK has many reasonably priced, quality learning institutions. You can enroll in any one of these and attain your degree. What’s even better is that, nowadays, there are lots of places where you can learn online. 

Living Debt-Free

Now, how you can live debt-free. Like paying your own way, debt-free living starts with you making a decision. You have to be willing to make tough choices and endure delayed gratification. But we promise you, it’s well worth the effort. Here are a few tips which can help you live on your own terms.

Plan Your Finances 

The journey to living debt-free starts with taking stock of your income and knowing your expenses. This will help you budget the money you need. Budgeting can be a tricky prospect if you are just starting. So, we suggest you keep a journal for the first month and take note of your expenses. Once you have that done you can then allocate the necessary resources as required.

Develop Good Financial Habits

Indiscipline is the number one reason why people are perpetually in debt. That’s why you find the job of financial planners is to just institute control measures. You need to develop good money habits. These include saving for a rainy day and living within your means. It might be difficult to do when everyone else around you has the latest iPhone. But this is the path which you have chosen, stay on it.