How to gain trust and attention in five minutes


Whenever we visit to meet someone the first objective of ours is to represent ourselves in such a way to gain the trust and attention of the opposite person. This might seems to be difficult but it is practically possible and you can attain anyone’s attraction merely in a span of five minutes by just following these three steps-

1) Through your eyes
It seems to be very common but your eyes are the most powerful part which can reveal your thoughts and expressions. It is necessary to maintain an eye contact with the person you are having a conversation. This reflects your confidence and interest in your guests.

2) Mirror that person
Copying the gestures of the person sitting opposite to you can help in building the trust and can make them feel connected to you and can remove the awkward situation. This can also lead to a healthy interaction between both of you.

3) Vary your voice tone
If you wish to gain attention and interest of the crowd or an individual person then you must change your voice tone at frequent intervals because monotonous speeches can be boring if continued for a longer time period.