Avoid These Mistakes While Doing Your Eyebrows And Get The Perfect Eyebrows Every Time


Hello Ladies!

How to get perfect eyebrows? We all know that each one of us has a different eyebrow shape, and it is challenging to master the art of getting the perfect eyebrows. But, if you avoid these common mistakes, you might get one step closer to attaining the perfect eyebrows!

How to get perfect eyebrows?

#1 Not plucking your eyebrows.

How to get perfect eyebrows?

You should take care of your eyebrows and pluck them regularly or else they will look messy and unkempt. Use powder and brush to shape them regularly.

#2 Over plucking your eyebrows

Over plucking your eyebrows is as bad as not plucking them at all. If by chance you over plucked them, fill the gap in with an eyebrow pomade and brush.

#3 Square ends.

Square ends tend to make your eyebrows look fake. So instead of drawing them in a square shape at the end, follow the natural shape of your eyebrows. In this way, they will not look fake.

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#4 Not shaping your eyebrows.

If you wish to make your eyebrows sharp and precise, you need to shape them. No matter how good your eyebrows maybe, a little hint of shaping will enhance your look all the more.

#5 Patchy eyebrows

Sometimes, you make mistakes while filling your eyebrows. Make sure to fill them evenly or else they might look patchy.

#6 Not blending

You need to make sure that after you fill your eyebrows, you need to blend the colour all in. This step is extremely necessary.

#7 Very pointy arch.

Don’t ever shape your eyebrows in such a way that the arch is too point, your look might not be pleasing. This is because extremely pointy arch makes you look angry or upset even though you are not. So always be careful to shape them properly.

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#8 Overextending your eyebrows.

You should not overextend your eyebrows because they will ultimately end up looking fake.

#9 Wearin too much highlighter on your brow bone.

A hint of the highlighter is fine but putting too much of it is a big no. Also, after shaping and filling in your eyebrows, make sure to use concealer to hide any mistakes that you made while doing so.

#10 Not choosing the right shade of eyebrow pencil.

The colour of your eyebrow pencil should match the natural colour of your eyebrows.

#11 Overdoing your eyebrows.

Swear by the formula, ‘Less is more’. Use only what is required. Don’t overdo your eyebrows otherwise they will look too dark and unnatural.

#12 Visible lines in your eyebrows.

Don’t fill in your eyebrows just by drawing a single line down the centre of your brows. This line will naturally be visible and make you look like you just made a makeup blunder! Short and small strokes will look more natural.