Some Best Ways To Get Rid Of Blackheads Effectively


Ways to get rid of blackheads-Blackheads are like the blemishes which can appear on any part of your body. They mainly occur on your face like if the dirt has stuck to you it. When the pores of the skin open up for the oxygen gain, then the dust sticks to it and hence after oxidation it form blackheads. It happens when your body gets exposed to the air. But they look bad on us. So we should get rid of it.

How to get rid of blackheads


Some Best Ways To Get Rid Of Blackheads Effectively

Use the egg white mask for cleansing. Take two eggs and remove the yolks from it. Apply the egg whites on your face so that it can form the thick cover on it. Let the mask dry for 2 minutes. Once you have done, now you can apply the second layer of the egg whites. Now leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse it with the help of warm water. Egg whites are useful for tightening the pores of your face and then removing the dirt from it. Your skin becomes blackheads free.

You can also use honey and cinnamon for removing the dirt. Take one tablespoon of honey and the half spoon of cinnamon and mix them properly. Rub your face in the circular motion and massage it for three minutes. The honey helps in removing the dirt, and the cinnamon acts as the scrub. And you can quickly detach the dust from your body.

The fenugreek paste is the thick paste formed with the mixture of fenugreek and water. Apply the glue to your face and then remove it with the help of cold water after ten minutes.

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The main ingredients required for the process of exfoliating of skin are lemon, yoghurt, salt, and honey. You can make a scrub by mixing all these things correctly. Mix half lemon juice, one tablespoon of salt and yoghurt with a bit of honey. Apply the mixture in the circular motion as a scrub. It will help you remove the blackheads prone area. Keep scrubbing it with the help of lukewarm water.

Next, you can make the milk and nutmeg scrub. Mix the milk with that of nutmeg powder properly to create the paste. Gently scrubbing like a scrub apply the mixture on your skin entirely. It will get into the pores and remove the dark blackheads from the surface. Before washing it keep your face massaging correctly. And then wash it off with the help of warm water. The scrubbing of this kind effects the blackheads prone area and hence keeps your skin moisturised always.

Use baking soda exfoliating. Baking soda is easy to find in the kitchen. To make the paste mix baking soda with the water. Scrub your face in the form of the circular motion at least five minutes and then rinse it off. After that let the paste stay away from your face for 10 minutes. It helps in removing the dead skin cells.

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Chemical treatments

You can use the retinoid skin for this purpose. The retinoid creams are rich in Vitamin A. It also helps in the skin growth. It also keeps your face away from oil. Use for two to three times in a week.

Use can also use blackheads removing strips. It is the easiest method to remove blackheads. The strips have an ultra sticky lotion that dries readily when it comes in contact with our face. Let the pieces dry for fifteen minutes. And then keep it for fifteen minutes. It is also good if you use the above-given routines once before using the strips.

The third method is to try salicylic acid and the facial gel. The technique is the best to remove. You need to apply the thin layer of gel on the affected area of your skin. Let the gel dry for thirty minutes. After that rinse the gel off fro the face with the help of lukewarm water. Salicylic acid helps in dissolving the dead skin and oil and make your skin blackhead free.