Some Tricks To Avoid The Troubles You Can Get Any Time In Future


Tricks to avoid future troubles

Clothes on a windshield

Avoid future troubles

Don’t let anyone put some strange things on the windshield of your car. In reality, the criminals use the method so that they can attack you and distract you always. They will be busy in stealing your bag while you would have no idea in removing clothes. They use these type of methods in the night time.

But for this, you must be thinking what to do with it. So you should drive your car safely and hence call the police or your friends so that they can help you to get out of this critical situation.

Dropped money

Suddenly a child comes to you and says if you have dropped your money while walking on the road. But you get confused with him but try to pick it up. And then the boy’s parent will come to you and claims that you are stealing their money. It becomes embarrassing. And then the boy’s parents ask you for the back money and also for the compensation.

For this situation, you must be smart enough to know that only some people will give you your fallen money back. And if someone comes to you, then you must first check if your payment has fallen and how it can fall and then try to pick that money.

Purchases the stolen from under your nose

You buy some products from the store and then make the payment for them. When you are trying to go out of the store, a guard stops you for the checking of the products, but the storekeeper suddenly reaches you giving you wrong product and ask you to follow them and take the good one. You follow him by leaving your others belongings with the guard and the keeper also disappear after some time and even the guard.

The guard can steal your products, and so you should be careful in buying the product. Never leave your belongings with someone else. Take one of your friends with you to buy the costly products.

Lottery victory

When you visit the nearby store, and the owner gives you the chance to win the free lottery, and by chance when you scratch, it’s your number on it. The owner asks you to make a call and tell your information written on the card. You do it the same, and they will say to you that your gift is ready and will call you soon. But many days pass you will not receive any call for the award. It was the wastage of your money in making that useless call.

You should first go to the search on the internet for the free lotteries. Well, we will always say that never trust to go to the winning the free lottery.

Hungry ATM

The scammers have the particular technique that they use to read out the card information with the help of the hidden camera. And then they steal your money. But now the robbery has been more advanced. The robbers put the tape int he card slot so that your card can get stuck in it and they can take it away while you are trying to make a call to the police.

Better to go bank for the cash withdrawal rather than using the ATMs. Bank cashier can also help you in this matter. Firstly check the card slot of the ATM and immediately call the hotline for the blocking of the card.

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Electronic pickpocketing

The modern world is cashless, and they make the payment through the electronic gadgets or the mobile phone with one click. But scammers can read your information by just touching your devices at least once. So be careful while using them.

Buy the wallet with scam protection. Set the limit for the usage of money on your smartphone. Then the scammers cannot steal your whole cash in one go.

Free perfume samples

When after shopping you see a woman outside with the perfume sample for free. She sprays it on your wrist, and you would like its smell and then she sprays it in your eyes instead of your neck and a man comes who steals your wallet and bags and run away with that woman.

Try to buy the right products always and if someone is offering you free of cost never go for it primarily on the streets.