6 Best And Effective Ways To Get Rid of The Neck Pain


Get Rid of The Neck Pain-Well, in your work, you feel tired a lot with a lot of neck pain. We spend a lot of time typing or swiping our phones which leads to depression. It put pressure on our front and back of the neck. Here we are with the best ways to get rid of the neck pain which would help to improve the posture at home.

Tennis ball massage

How To Get Rid of The Neck Pain? Here are the 6 best ways

The tennis ball is best for the massaging purpose. Take one shot and rub on the base of your skull in many different ways. If while performing you feel some tight area then add some pressure on it for around twenty to thirty seconds and later release. Now you can continue with your massaging activity. The ball is helpful to restore the mobility of your neck. It helps in the digging of soft tissue and then to break up the stiffness and tightness in the muscles.

The Bow Pose

For the activity, you need to lie down on your stomach and your chin on the floor. Arms must be on the side position. Bend down your knees such that your heels would reach the buttocks. Now grab the ankles with both the hands. Inhale the air and then lift your heels towards the ceiling and tighs must be away from the floor. At that time, pull your upper body and head off the level. Hold down the position for at least ten seconds. Now in the slow-motion, lower down your body by exhaling.

The bow pose helps us in the fixing of round shoulders. It helps in opening them from the front and then to strengthen the muscles from the back.

Camel Pose

Place your knees on the floor. Now, knees must be hip-width apart, and your thighs must be perpendicular to the ground. Place your hands on the back, and your palms must be on the top of your buttocks. Now in the gentle motion pull your tail in the forward direction and lean down the upper torso in the backward direction. Hands must be at the back of your pelvis. Now grab your feet with both the sides. It is not possible for you then turn down your toes so that you can elevate your heels and hold it with your hands. Lower your head in the backward direction and then keep your pose in between thirty to sixty seconds.

The camel pose is best to remove the stiffness of your neck muscles and also helps in improving the mobility of that area.

The cobra pose

By stretching your legs back, lie down on your stomach. Now place the top of your feet on the floor. Right under shoulders, your hands must get placed. Inhale the air and then slowly try to lift your chest in the air till you get the straight arms. Press the tailbone towards the floor and then curl your spine with the head moving down in the backward direction. Go in motion until you feel like a stretch. Hold down the position for at least fifteen to thirty seconds and later release it.

The cobra pose is best to lengthen the front muscle. It helps in restoring the natural curve in the spine.

The chin tuck exercise

For the activity, you need to place your fingers on the chin. Keep your eyes on the horizon and later push your button in the backward direction towards your throat. It must get in motion until it feels like the stretch at the head base. Now let the pose still for five seconds and then bring the chin back to the forward direction. Repeat the exercise for at least ten times.

The activity allows you to align your head over the torso. It helps to relieve the compression from the spine and also reduces the tightness in the muscles.

The corner stretch

You need to face the corner of your room. And stand to place the feet together which are about two feet away from the walls. Put the forearms in front of you, and they must be below the height of the shoulders. Hold down the posture for thirty to sixty seconds by leaning towards the shoulders.