How to Get the Perfect Winged Eyeliner Look



Winged eyeliners are always on a trend, to get the perfect winged eyes, here’s a tutorial for you to shine through. Follow these simple and easy steps to get it right, you would require some practice before you become a pro at it.

Go through this self-explanatory tutorial to get the amazing winged eyeliner look.


The first step is to start with a clean base. With the help of your liner brush, make sure you know where you want your wings to be so it will be easier for you to follow through then. Trace from your lower lash liner, it makes it much easier to draw them. Then draw a little flick at the end and make it into a triangle, follow it up with your upper lash line suiting the shape of your eye. So, you have the perfect wings and then all you have to do is fill the gaps to complete the look and you’re done!

No worries if you mess it up a little, use cotton buds with some makeup remover to fix it right up. You can choose to use a thin liner brush, angled brush, or even a twisted angled brush for this purpose. Take it a notch up by putting some eyeshadow on top of the liner to make sure it lasts longer. And you can get a winged eyeliner look using a pencil liner as well.

Eyeliner used: MAC Blacktrack Fluidline