6 Easy and Fun Ways to Sport Colored Eyeliners at Work


Hey there, girls! We all wonder if we can wear those colored eyeliners to work without looking like we overdid it because the colors can sometimes come off with a bit of depth and drama, but no worries! By these simple tips and tricks you can easily wear those amazing colored eyeliner, so scroll through to find out more about it.


1. Choose One Statement Makeup a Day:

The first choice of look for office should be a professional one. So, the key is to make sure that everything balances out and your eyes don’t bring much attention to them. Like, if you’re going for a power pout then just choose a simple mascara, this will look decent without calling for attention.


2. Select Colors that Suit You and Complement your Eyes:

There are so many colors that bring out our best features. So, make sure you find a color that suits you and your face frame. Emerald, purple, and turquoise look more appealing than blue and brown.

3. Balance it out with Black:

Black can always balance it out for you have a professional look. As sporting a colored eyeliner on your upper lids and lower lashline might be too much for an office look, so black liner or kohl comes to the rescue. Mix it up with black on the lower line and colored liner on the upper, or turn it the other way around.


4. Choose the Finishes with Care:

There a ton of finishes available on the market suitable for different finished. You can opt for a matte or a slightly satiny finish. Make sure to not choose sparkles or glittery looking ones, as they’re more suited for fancy occasions. Your work wardrobe can feature colors like navy blue, sea green, and violet with a matte effect.

5. Look for Smudgeproof and Long Staying Liners:

This is one of the major points to remember for applying colored liners to work. Smudging can be a nuisance to bear with for a long day at work, we all have that occasional shocking look at the mirror when we notice any smears. To prevent the mess, make sure that you have a crease resistant and long lasting smudge proof eyeliners.


6. Know the Color Combos that Work in Sync:

Color combos can do wonders for you if you are able to choose the best one that works for you. With the right touch of makeup, you can sport it without making it look overdone or overdramatic for work environments. Colors like charcoal and green can make a great combination of colors and are suitable for an office look. Whereas colors like Golden and Purple will be great for a fancy occasion like while you go for an ethnic look, but they are not suitable for work.