Maintaining the perfect smile can be challenging, particularly around the festive season as the temptation of sugary treats can be a little too much. But how can you begin to maintain the perfect smile all year round? Whether you take the advice from a dentist in Finchley or you decide to find the products that work for you through trial and error, we are helping to provide you with insight into how to achieve the perfect smile below.

Floss Daily

If you are looking for a deep clean that will limit the plaque build-up in the mouth, then flossing is the ideal way to do it. With a number of flosses available in the market both waxed and unwaxed with different thickness you can find the perfect floss that works for your teeth, though this does take time to find, this can then be kept in your handbag or purse or even backpack and used in-between meals to remove the build-up of food in the mouth.

Limit Intake Of Coffee

Though there are many foods that stain your teeth, there are none that stain your teeth quite like coffee. With a slight yellow tint on the teeth, this can begin to leave a slight stain over time. Though this cannot be avoided a majority of the time, using a straw can help to ensure that all stains are kept to the back of the teeth. In addition to this, drinking from a thermos flask can also help to limit stains as there is only a small amount of liquid touching the teeth at any one time.

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Drink Water Regularly

If you are a fan of fizzy drinks then drinking water throughout the day will greatly benefit you. Not only does it help to keep you hydrated throughout the day, but it will also help to remove the harmful bacteria from the mouth allowing you to maintain a healthy smile. Though this is a habit that may take a while to get into, this will help to remove food from the surface of the tooth in order to prevent any damage to the natural shine of the tooth, making this ideal for throughout the day when you have no time to brush your teeth.

Brush Teeth Twice A Day

The final way to care for your teeth and maintain a perfect smile is to brush the teeth twice daily. This not only helps to remove surface stains, but it limits the number of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Whether this is with a manual toothbrush or an all-electric alternative, this is the perfect deep clean that you need throughout the day. By brushing twice daily, along with mouthwash and floss, you can then begin to maintain a healthy smile with ease, regardless of the products that you use on your teeth on a daily basis.

Whether you are looking to cut down on the sugary food to help maintain your healthy smile, or you are looking to completely reinvent your daily routine to help you keep your teeth healthy all year round. Which will you try first?