Easy Tips That Will Make Your Thin Hair Appear More Volumized.


How to make your hair look thicker? Every girl wants her hair to look thick, voluminous and healthy. But, those girls who have Fine, thin hair find it extremely difficult to do so. Fine hair looks lifeless and dull due to its very thin texture. They are very difficult to manage because they don’t hold curls or any type of hairstyle. They become all the more unmanageable if the weather goes humid. But, today we’re bringing some easy methods through which you can make your fine hair appear more volumized and healthier.

How to make your hair look thicker?

How to make your hair look thicker

For those with fine hair, follow these easy tips:

1.Try layered haircut.

If you want to volumize your thin hair, try going for a layered cut. Choose a good hairstylist and ask him to give your hair a layered cut so that your hair appears thick and voluminous. Extremely straight hair is the best for a layered haircut as it can give them a flattering look. So, try to opt for layers as it will add extra volume to your hair.

2.Shampoo your hair on a regular basis.

Use shampoo on a daily basis as it is the best method to add volume to your thin hair. It would work really well for girls with fine hair, but those who have another type of hair may skip washing their hair daily. Washing your hair removes the grease and natural oil that gets accumulated on the scalp thus, giving your hair a voluminous look. Getting rid of the unwanted oil and grease from the scalp is necessary to add volume to your hair and to avoid your hair from looking flat.

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3.Blow-dry upside down.

The girls who have thin hair should always blow dry their hair with their head upside down. You will see the change Once you flip your hair back to normal, your hair will appear more voluminous. Blowing your hair upside down will also make them look heavier than usual.

4.Sleep with your hair tied in a bun or a braid.

Experts say that one best way to add volume to your fine hair is to sleep with a bun or braid at night. In the morning when you’ll open your hair, you will observe a lot of texture and volume has been added to them. But while doing this, Make sure you use a hair friendly rubber band so that it does not lead to hair loss in the morning.

5.Use dry shampoo.

Use a dry shampoo on your fine hair if you are too lazy to wash them. It is an alternative solution to make them appear voluminous and thick. Dry shampoo soaks the excess oil and grease from your hair line. It helps to weigh down the hair. Unlike hair spray, dry shampoo helps to add volume to your hair.

6. Trim them regularly.

According to the experts, after a haircut, your hair will start to look flat after 6 to 8 weeks. So, try to trim your hair before it crosses the 6th week. It is always good to opt for a regular trimming so that your hair doesn’t end up looking flat.