How to take perfect photos? Being pretty is no guarantee of your being photogenic too. Being beautiful doesn’t always give you perfect pictures. You need to put in more efforts to get gorgeous pictures.

We’re going to point out some mistakes that you make while clicking pictures and we’re also going to tell you how to correct them.

How to take perfect photos

How to take perfect photos?

1.Leaning your chin forward.

Correction: Instead of leaning your chin forward (which is making you look like you’ve got a double chin), tilt your head slightly forward. This will give a hint of elegance to your pictures.

2. Crossing your arms.

Correction: Instead of crossing them, try  Putting your arms down and slightly opening them. While posing, move your body slightly to the side.

3. Incorrect posture.

Correction: A wrong posture tends to ruin your pictures entirely. For the correct posture, keep your shoulders in the same line, angle your body sideways, keep your spine straight and arch your butt slightly outward.

4. Unaware of the correct angle for your body.

Correction: Try experimenting with different angles to find out which angle suits your body the best. For most of the people, slightly turned away from the camera angle suits the best.

5. Turning your entire body away from the camera.

Correction: Instead of turning your whole body away from the camera, turn at least three-quarters toward the camera. This will make your waist look thinner and butt bigger.

6. Wrongly placing your hands.

Correction: Always try to get the hourglass shape. Place your hands accordingly in order to get that shape.

7. Keeping hands straight.

Correction: Don’t just stand there still. Try to create different angles from your hands that will enhance your figure. Try to shift the focus to the part of your body which you want to highlight the most.

8. Not posing.

Correction: As we said earlier, don’t just stand still. Do something with your hands which will accentuate your figure!

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9. Wearing baggy or oversized clothes.

Correction: We’re sure that you never want to make yourself look fat. Baggy clothes make you look out of shape. Make sure to avoid them as far as possible, but if you’ve worn them already, take inspiration from the above picture and at least do something with your hands.

10. Showing your elbow.

Correction: Keep your elbows down for getting the perfect picture.

11. Too much touching.

Correction: Keep the touch as soft as you can while highlighting your contour.

12. Keeping your fist under your chin to support it.

Correction: Instead of doing this, highlight the contours of your face with your open extended fingers.