How to make your hair look thicker? The problem of thin hair can only understand by girls. Thin hairs never let us do beautiful hairstyles. Don’t worry we come here to solve your problem with tiny hairs. Today in the given article we will tell you some tricks to make your thin hairs look heavy and thick. The volume of your hair depends upon how you style your strands. We will notify you of some tips to make your hairs look amazing.

Partition of your hairs.

How to make your hair look thicker

To make your hairs look more thick and heavy, avoid the center partition of your strands. Center partition makes your hairs look sticky and thin. Here are many more styles of parting your hair. A zigzag, a side parting, a low side parting and many more. Even you can set your hair straight without any partition. By using these tricks yours, hairs will look bulky.

Use Dryer for under hairs.

How to make your hair look thicker

Using a hairdryer will give heaviness and volume to your hair. But there are some ways to use a hairdryer. You should dry your strands from roots. To dry your roots, put your head down, and then your hairs will get on your face and put the dryer on the origins of hairs. Dryer your strands in a vertical way.

Use Dry Shampoo.

How to make your hair look thicker

Dry shampoos make your hair dry and look fluffy. The girls with less volume of their noses should use dry shampoo. If you don’t get enough time to wash your hair, then use dry shampoo. Dry shampoos remove dirt from hairs very quickly and also put volume in them.  You can use the baby powder to get these results.

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Apply the principle of “creative chaos.”

How to make your hair look thicker

Properly and smooth combed hairs looks flatter then roughly dressed furs. Put some chaos in your strands to make them look massive. To get this type of hairstyle put little waves and hold them back not very tightly with a rubber band.

Don’t use too much styling foam

How to make your hair look thicker

Styling foam works as oil to your hair. The foam makes your hair glued and stick them together. Using too much styling foam can damage your hair and make them bulky. Now I will tell you how to use styling foam. If your hair length is short, then use a small ball of foam like the size of a walnut. For medium length, use hen’s egg’s sized ball and for long hairs use tennis ball’s size foam.

How to wash your hair?

The way of washing your hairs also puts an impact on the volume and thinness of your strands.

  1. Always rinse your hairs with hot water. Hot water helps in opening up the cuticles which are helpful in removing dirt and the things stuck in the strands. When you rinse your hair in warm water, it removes the oil from the hairs.
  2. After rinsing with warm water, apply the shampoo to your roots and spread the foam to all the hairs. Never rub your hairs harshly from the ends.
  3. Apply conditioner on your hairs length but don’t apply it on the roots of hairs. Apply the only shampoo to the roots of hairs which helps in giving volume to the strands.
  4. Don’t wash your hairs daily. There is a protective layer for everyone’s noses and cleaning them daily can remove it. The daily wash of hairs make your hair weaker and will not give volume to your strands.