How many have lost your account details and information? How many of you have been affected by this short term memory loss? Well, remembering passwords can at times be difficult to manage as there are multiple passwords for multiple accounts and so on. With the new Google Account Login extension at Magento, you can save all the relevant account information and access it with ease. You can avail of the option of accessing all the relevant information with the click of a button. Not only will it reduce manual efforts but offer multiple functions alongside it.

Important Features of the extension

Apart from remembering long and complex passwords, there are a number of different features that the new Magento offers. Let’s have a go through at them;

  1. You can have the same password for your Google and Magento ID. Rather than remembering multiple passwords for both Magneto and Google, you can access both the accounts with the same passwords. Not only will it help you to sign in quickly, but you can have all the Magento account information on your Google ID easily.
  2. The best part about this extension is that it removes all the hassle of entering all the manual information again. It can easily be accessed through one click login. In addition to this, it must not necessarily be linked to your laptop or PCs. You can access it through your cell phones too.
  3. Another important aspect of this extension is that it offers to cross-check security through the Google account. Every time your account is logged on, an email will be sent to your Google account so you can verify if you have logged on.

Let’s take a serious problem that the organizations face when they have to recruit new employees for their organization. And how can they overcome it? Imagine you are owning a business and you are recruiting a new employee. If the employee is to be granted access to the important details of the company, then you will need to take all the important details and create a brand new account for him/her. If you are on a small scale, then you might get away with it, but if you are operating on a large scale, it will take forever for the IT department to solve this issue. What is the best way to get rid of this issue then?

The new Magento google login extension offers a perfect alternative to the businesses. This new extension will help your organization to have all the employees get authenticated with the Magento accounts using their Google accounts. Rather than creating each individual account and then making sure that all the employees are linked to it, a single account can do the job. This will be less time consuming and much more effective than the other methods. This is just one of the many benefits that the google account login extension offers.