Stop Your Skin From Ageing Too Soon


Best ways to stop your skin from ageing- Everyone wants to stay young forever, but sadly, age catches up with us sooner than later. From going to cosmetologists and getting cosmetics procedures done to routinely visiting parlours for facials, we do our best to slow down the ageing process. But the key to slowing down ageing lies in eating healthy and taking care of your skin. Here are some simple tips that will help you in taking better care of your skin.

How to stop your skin from ageing too soon

  1. Prevent acne

How to stop your skin from ageing too soon

A lot of us believe in the misconception that only teenagers get acne. The truth is that people of all age can get acne if they do not cleanse their face properly and the pores get clogged. Make sure that you cleanse your face every single day to avoid acne.

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  1. Cleanse Your Face Before Bedtime

The skin regenerates during the night time. Cleansing your face before sleeping ensures that you wake up to fresh skin and reduces the chances of getting wrinkles.

  1. Moisturize The Skin

Applying a moisturiser that contains anti-oxidants before going to bed pampers your skin a lot and helps in the process of regeneration of skin.

  1. Combat Allergies Before They Spread

Sometimes, you may be suffering from some allergy without even realising it. So, it is crucial to cleanse your face at night.

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  1. Prevent Pigmentation

Exposure to the sun causes pigmentation and premature ageing. Make sure that you use sunscreen before going out in the sun to prevent pigmentation.

  1. Moisturise Your Lips

Using a lot of lip products dehydrates our lips and makes them chap. Do not forget to hydrate your lips, like your skin, before going to bed,

  1. Remove Mascara

It is crucial to remove the mascara before going to sleep otherwise your eyelashes will fall out at an alarming rate.

To keep your skin young and glowing, the answer remains cleansing and moisturization.