Castor Oil For Thick, Luscious And Flawless Hair!


Castor Oil For Hair Growth-Long/short, fine/voluminous, jet-black/fiery-red no matter how they look, we all desire beautiful, soft and shiny hair, which is exactly why we’re constantly hunting down the next miracle product. But that’s not enough. Hair needs to be healthy on the inside to look beautiful on the outside, which is why to trust us when we tell you to ditch your expensive fancy products and castor oil instead!

Castor oil is known for its properties of enhancing the health as well as the look of your precious hair, and the best part – it is easy on the wallet and may just be lying around at your home already. It is quite an exceptional remedy for attaining those protracted, vivid, and thick hair.

Castor Oil For Hair Growth

Castor Oil For Hair Growth

Here are some of the benefits of castor oil for hair.

Castor oil actively prevents hair loss, promotes hair regrowth, improves movement to the scalp, and has antifungal and antibacterial residences.

It is full of omega-9 fats, which help significantly in nourishing the hair follicles. It induces hair regrowth due to its ability to penetrate the pores and follicles responsible for the manufacturing of hair.

It is capable of undoing the harm carried out by using unfavorable chemicals present in the hair products when used on a regular basis. Its antioxidant content material helps hair`s keratin, making the appearance of your hair smoother and much more potent.

Be aware: Continually use organic, bloodless-pressed castor oil that’s hexane-loose.

Here’s a guide to help you use castor oil for hair growth & in the most beneficial ways for your hair.

For Thickening And Regrowth

Before you go ahead and apply it on your scalp, remember that it is pretty sticky, so you can combine it with some other oil (coconut/almond/jojoba/argan, etc.) with a purpose to make it much easier for the application. Take similar amounts of both castor oil and the other oil of your preference, inclusive of coconut, jojoba, or argan oil and in a small bowl mix the two together.
Get a bigger bowl and fill it with water. Position the small bowl of oil in a bigger bowl of water to heat it up.
Get your hair ready by dampening them spraying a tiny amount of water.
Dip the tips of the palms within the warm oil after which massage it into the scalp.
Rub the oil between the arms and run in through the hair
You may either cover your hair with a shower cap or wrap a hot towel around the head which would help in better absorption of nutrients through the pores.
Let it work for about an hour (at a minimum)

Fight Break Up Ends:

To heal break up ends, rub castor oil on the ends of the hair and go away it for a few hours.

For Beautiful Long lashes:

Use a Q-tip t dab castor oil at the eyelids earlier than bedtime.

For Dandruff-less Scalp

Mix castor oil with olive oil and lemon juice, and apply the ensuing combination on the scalp. Let it work for an hour before rinsing it off.