The perfect and healthy manner to wash your hands


Wash Your Hands the Right Way-Cleaning is an important part of our lives and we are needed to keep ourselves clean to ensure a healthy atmosphere. Our whole body must be clean and for this, we are required to take shower regularly. Another thing is about hands. We do eat the food or any edible thing by our hands and if our hands are not washed properly before eating, it may lead us towards the diseases and unhealthy lifestyle. So washing our hands is very important. Here, we will see the proper steps for washing our hands perfectly.

How To Wash Your Hands the Right Way

  • First step

How To Wash Your Hands the Right Way

Wet your hands with the water and apply an ample amount of soap.

  • Second step

Rub the palms of your hands together in a gentle manner.

  • Third step

Likewise, rub the backside of the hands properly.

  • Fourth step

Clean the gap between the fingers by interlocking the fingers.

  • Fifth step

Your back of fingers should be massaged smoothly. Now rub the tips of the fingers by massaging the palms.

  • Sixth step

Rub your thumb and the end of the wrists.

  • Seventh step

Wash your hands with the water and let them dry with the clean towel. Follow these step to wash your hands the right way.