How to use different types of eyeliners


Eye makeup is loved by the most of the ladies and they want to do their eye makeup properly but what we see almost is that the ladies do not know about the use of different kinds of eyeliners and that is why they are unable to apply a proper piece of eyeliner. In this article, we will tell you the different kinds of eyeliner and their use.

Maybe you think that it is easy to apply liquid eyeliner but it is not so like that. Liquid eyeliner is as easy to apply as it is tough. If you have stable hands, you can do a perfect art with liquid eyeliners but if you have some kind of shaky hands, you will not able to draw the proper lines. Do not worry, we will tell you the way to apply-

  1. Start applying eyeliner from the middle of the eyelashes and do little strokes in the first trial.
  2. Now, go to the corner of the eyes and do the little strokes to make the winged or cat liner.

The important thing for you we suggest is that start your journey with the pencil liner if you do not have experience.

  • Pencil Liner

Pencil eyeliners are a little easy to apply because they do not go to and foe. They are mostly used by the ladies. If you want to color your waterline, you can apply pencil eyeliners. They are available in multi colors.

  • Gel eyeliner

This product comes in the pot and you are supposed to apply this liner with the angled or fine tipped brush. This looks pretty when you apply that to your eyes. It is tougher than the liquid eyeliner because it takes some time to dry. You can apply this like the liquid eyeliner but make sure that you are giving time to dry that.

  • Eyeshadow eyeliner

If you want to polish your lashline, you can use eyeshadow as the liner. It will totally look awesome but you have to take care that you are using the proper brush to pick up the eyeshadow.