Perfect ways to find the white fingers


Whiten fingers-Hands are very beautiful part of our body but sometimes we have to be in frustration because they lose their beauty in lack of care. If the color of our hands is not matching to the other parts of our body it means the color is different from them or dark, we are supposed to dedicate extra care to them. Here, we will talk about the perfect methods to get out of the dark problem.

How to whiten fingers

Whiten fingers

  • Curd and lemon

Take a bowl and put some curd and lemon. Mix them well and apply on your fingers. Massage properly for 15 minutes and then rinse.

  • Lime juice and Aloe vera

Mix lime juice along with Aloe vera and apply on your fingers.

  • Lemon and malai

Apply malai having lemon juice on your fingers and massage. Leave overnight to have the perfect effect.

  • Strawberry and coffee

You can use strawberry and coffee together as a scrub. For that, mash strawberry and mix coffee and then apply.

  • Banana and orange

To whiten fingers you should use this mask, to prepare this mask, grind the banana and mix a few drops of orange juice. After that apply on your hands and leave for 20 minutes, then wash with normal water.

  • Saffron and sandalwood

Take sandalwood powder and mix saffron, soaked with milk.

  • Turmeric and curd

Mix a little amount of turmeric and curd together and apply to get white and bright skin.

  • Sandalwood and cucumber

Grind cucumber and find out the juice from that then mix sandalwood powder in it. You can use this paste for a natural glow.