We all have our unique personalities reflected in our lifestyle, from the way we decorate our homes to our choice of clothes and the hairstyle we sport. Some of us become trendsetters, admired for our sense of style. But mostly, the first outfit that catches our eye or the hair color we decide speaks of our character and personal identity. Our choice of jewelry also provides a statement of our persona. For instance, if you are a person who loves monogram gold necklaces, you are someone who is not afraid to show emotion. You also hold loved ones very close to your heart, especially if you wear jewelry coming from people you care about.

So, what does your jewelry say about you?

Chunky jewelry

If you are attracted to big jewelry pieces and love wearing chunky necklaces, you are a vibrant spirit. You have a bubbly personality that attracts people to you. Because of that, you bring so much life and energy into any room. Whether you are aware of it or not, you attract attention. You love to socialize and have fun, exuding confidence, and self-assurance anywhere you go.

Delicate and simple jewelry

Women who go for pretty and delicate jewelry are women who are mild-mannered and conservative. You are not interested too much in calling attention to yourself. You are content with the uncomplicated joys of life while taking pride in the classic but straightforward elegance you present to people around you. You are more family-oriented and enjoy spending time with your closest friends and family members, rather than partying.

Personalized and monogrammed jewelry

If you are someone drawn to personalized or monogrammed jewelry, you are more romantic and unafraid of displaying your emotions. You have a special attachment to people who touch your life and show it. You are also someone who is very comfortable with yourself. You are proud of the person you are and not shy about showing it. You trust your style and know what you want.

Vintage or antique jewelry

Someone who goes for antique or vintage jewelry can be one of two things. You can either be a sentimental type of person or someone who likes setting your own trend. You treasure anything that has a history and love the fact that you are wearing jewelry with so many stories to tell. You are the type of person who can hold people enrapt in your conversations that are always interesting.

Luxury designer jewelry

If you go for designer jewelry, you are most probably a very organized person who is in control of every aspect of your life. You aim high and make sure that you can attain your goals. You take pride in the achievements you have accomplished. You also have a deep appreciation for luxurious things.

The next time you wear jewelry or are planning to buy a piece or two, discover the kind of person you are by what you are drawn to wear. Whatever it is, you are unique and carry a style all your own.