Most of the time people love action-adventure games. They get the blood pumping, the fingers moving, and it’s a great way to test your reflexes and wits. You can have a huge list of action-adventure games in the play store. So we have come up with a list of 5 action-adventure games. Have a look at the best action games for Android.

Best mobile action-adventure games

1 Super Adventure Run

5 Best Action Adventure Games For Android

Start your journey to the incredible world of a super adventure run. This game has 4 different worlds and many levels to play with.

Play with different worlds, including hill world, lava adventure, snow world & many more.

This is the new super adventure game and includes 4 different characters to play with.

Collect the coins in the game and redeem it for more changes, fire, and more.

We hope everyone will love and enjoy playing a super adventure world. We’re waiting for your feedback so we can keep improving the game.

2 Hill Runner – Free Zombie Endless Runner 3D Game

5 Best Action Adventure Games For Android

Do you like runner games? Do you like free zombie games? If yes then Hill Runner – Crazy Zombie Endless Runner 3D Game is the best match for you. Zombie is running behind you. Escape from the zombie and Rush as fast as you can dodge the oncoming trains & buses.

Use the skateboard after double tapping, experience the unique board in the subway. The Most excited Subway Snow Hills Themed runner game. You have just found the #1 Hill endless temple runner. Start Playing And Have Fun.

Runaway from a zombie to save your life. Break, jump over, slide under, and dodge obstacles for a non-stop run.
You are the perfect little hill boy from a forgotten temple! Try your best to reach your master’s temple to collect unlimited coins.

It is a free-running and jumping game where Our Hill Boy is escaping from the zombie and needs to reach his master’s temple to save his life along the way he needs to collect as many as coins possible.

**** HOW TO PLAY ****
+Drag up to jump
+Drag left, right to change the lane
+Drag down to slide

**** Game Features ****
– Colorful & smooth graphics
– Easy one-touch controls and gameplay
– Rich background music and sound effects
– Intense and exciting game rhythm
– Explore the mysterious castle!!!
– Face the unknown dangers and fear!!!

**** Highlights: Hill Runner Game ****
– The endless running game for everyone with a non-stop fun adventure
– Fun hill runner with zombie following you.
– up to 5 different amazing characters
– slide to pass barriers in the running game for everyone
– Run hill boy run for survival on and Snowy Hills.
– Collect coins and Powerups and have fun

Focus on all your energy, running with the rhythm of the music. This game lets you freestyle and roam on the tracks. Intuitive controls to run left or right, jump in the sky to obtain more coins, excited slide to safety!

3 Subway Toon Runner – Endless Runner 3D

5 Best Action Adventure Games For Android

Subway Toon Runner – Endless 3D Run is not just another runner game. it’s the miraculous world. Devil’s Caught Our Hero in his temple and wants to cook him but the hero escaped and start run and the devil’s best men start running behind him.

Hero Needs to run as fast as he can and there are many obstacles in his way and can get him caught. So We need to play the role of hero carefully and let him live.

Subway Toon Runner – Endless 3D Run is all about fun and amazing graphics. it stands apart from all other runner games. Double-tap on the screen to kick the enemies on our way.

This game can be played by anyone either you’re a beginner in gaming or an expert. Everyone will love playing the Subway Toon Runner. The Best Runner Game.

So what are you waiting for?

Subway Toon Runner – Endless 3D Run game will have you playing for hours. The toon runs, the toon races and you have to ensure he gets through all those obstacles! So are you gamed?

All your friends will be playing our game.

There are many levels and you will graduate to higher levels as you get better. We guarantee that this subway toon-run game will keep you busy for hours regardless if you are a casual or an expert player.

The game has tense rhythm, amazing graphics, and smooth control feelings.

Are you itching to find out how to play with Subway Toon Runner – Endless 3D Run?

-Simply install and Subway Toon Runner – Endless 3D Run game app.

-Click the start button and enjoy a quick fun game.

4 King of Thieves

Screenshot Image

Steal gems, build your defenses and win guild wars in the Arenas in this unique blend of arcade, platform, and multiplayer PVP games!
Compete with over 50 million players around the world! Create your own guild of thieves and break into the enemy’s dungeons.
Learn ancient spells to become the most feared thief in the game!

PLEASE NOTE: the game is extremely addictive and inevitably leads to increasing the number of your friends.


STEAL TREASURES TO BUILD YOUR COLLECTION. Stealing is fun! Collect gems and gold from other players to become the wealthiest thief in the world.

DEFEND YOUR LOOT. Design a dungeon defense, place traps, and platforms to prevent others from stealing your treasure. See them being caught in your traps. No escape, muhaha!

LEARN ANCIENT SPELLS. Collect unique gems from magical spheres, learn spells, and get stronger. Use the power of the Ancient Totem to defeat your opponents!

Find reliable thieves and declare war on other guilds. Lead your guild to victory through different arenas to earn epic rewards!
CLAIM THE THRONE. Dive into the action, improve your skills, and compete with other players around the world to rise through the leaderboards. Upgrade your throne to improve your thief skills.

Choose a cool costume that perfectly suits your personality. Be a stylish thief, stand out from the crowd!
TRAVEL AND EXPLORE. Test your agility through 112 single-mode levels or dive into an underground world of user-generated content.

5 Lara Croft: Relic Run

Screenshot Image

Run, swing, drive, and swan dive your way as Lara Croft through mesmerizing yet hazardous environments, uncovering ancient relics to unearth the truth and solve the mystery behind a shadowy conspiracy that threatens the world!

– Discover incredible locations as you make your way through the jungle, the desert, or the mountains, each filled with secrets and danger.
– Use Lara’s signature parkour moves to create death-defying last-minute escapes.

– Master fast-paced vehicles like ATVs and motorcycles to give Lara more ways to conquer the terrain.
– Engage in epic Boss Fights and defeat iconic enemies including the return of the infamous T-Rex!

– Progress through the campaign map to collect relics and uncover the Relic Run mystery.
– Power up Lara’s arsenal of weapons and engage in frantic combat.

– Choose from a wardrobe of classic Lara outfits, each with its own gameplay perks.
– Swap and upgrade equipment to give Lara the edge.

– Get the chance to rack up big rewards in endless mode with non-stop action
– Earn bragging rights on the leader boards.