10 Ways To Increase Your Hair Volume


How to increase the volume of your hair? Nowadays, hair damage has been a common problem among the population. Less volume, split hairs, dry hairs, hair fall, etc. are the main damage caused. This can be caused due to environmental changes and hectic schedules. But don’t you worry here we have mentioned 10 possible ways which can help you in maintaining long and healthy hairs.

10) Always play with the length of the hair
Having an ideal size of length can result in a correct volume of hair. According to hairstylists, the optimal length is up to the shoulders.

9) Try multi-layered hairstyle
This can entirely change your look and can increase the volume of your hair. It suits almost every kind of hair.

8) Try some new colors
Using several kinds of shades can help you in managing your hair. This might sound simple and stupid but it really works. Have a look at the picture.

7) Wash your hair in a correct manner
This is the most basic and simplest method which can help you. Washing in a correct manner can reduce hair fall and can increase volume.
• Start rinsing your hair with lukewarm water.
• Apply shampoo on roots. Then spread the lather along the length of your hair.
• Rinse your hair and apply conditioner or a mask to the roots. It moisturizes your hairs
• Wash your scalp on a regular basis this helps in improving your blood circulation.

6) Always try to nourish your roots
Nourishing roots can result in better hair growth and volume. If roots are healthy then they can provide you long and healthy hairs. So always try to nourish and moisturize them.

5) Avoid styling foam in excess
Styling foams contain a lot many harmful chemicals that can make your hair dry and weak. It could also result in split ends and can cause complete damage. Try to avoid these foams as much as you can.

10 Ways to increase the volume of your hair
4) Change your hairstyle
If your hairstyle is giving you a bad and elderly look then just change it because it can also change a lot of you.

10 Ways to increase the volume of your hair
3) Use dry shampoo
Dry shampoo can be the best substitute for those who have no time to wash their hair or spend hours styling it. It helps in clearing your hair from the roots and raises the volume.

10 Ways to increase the volume of your hair
2) Use hairdryer in a correct manner
An ordinary hairdryer can also help give you extra volume only if used in the correct manner. It should be used from the lower side of your hair. Simply flip your head and apply the dryer from that lower portion.

1) Apply correct parting on yourself
Instead of your habitual parting which just tries something new such as a zig-zag, a side parting, a low side parting or no parting at all. This is the simplest method of all.

10 Ways to increase the volume of your hair