When it comes to lighting your home, there are different options to choose from that come with a variety of fixtures to try. However, when thinking of efficiency and sustainability, using LED lights is the way to go. It is an amazing way to ensure that you are in full control of how your light appears in a specific room. The best part is that you can also include different colors and change them up when you need to. This provides great versatility and a chance to experiment with different options for your space. However, when it comes to adding led lights into the home, most people don’t know where to begin. It becomes a daunting task seeing as they don’t have any ideas on how this can be added into the home. Here are a few led lighting ideas to consider adding to your space.

Ceiling Coving



In most homes, you find that the ceilings have different designs with amazing covings that run all around a room. When looking to add led lights, using these spaces is a great idea. All you need to do is invest in led strips and install them. The installation here is quite easy meaning with the right guidance you can easily do it yourself. Adding these lights will bring in a beautiful element that will provide ambiance and style. You can implement this in any room in your house provided you have the ceiling coving to work with. If you cannot handle the installation, consider getting help from a technician or professional. This will help avoid any injuries or accidents that may occur.

Back-lit Furniture

The use of backlit furniture is a great way to add some led lights into your space and enjoy the amazing light it provides. When it comes to this kind of furniture, you may feature a backsplash with a little bit of detail to add some character. This backsplash will be illuminated by the led lights to bring out its full glory. For this, you’ll need to use some neon tube lights to give off the right amount of light. These tube lights come in a variety of colors giving you the freedom to choose one that fits your space. Consult with reliable neon tube light suppliers to get the best deals and ensure that you invest in quality.

Corridor Lighting



In most homes, the corridors and hallways are left bare with nothing to make them stand out. However, as a homeowner, you can change this by adding in a few touches. Adding decor and some greenery will do the job, but there’s still more. One thing you can do is to add led lights to the walls. This is a great option given that you’ll bring in some character and also add some lighting into your space. For this, using neon lights is a great idea given the versatile options. You can install them in different colors and bring out the character of your home and add to the ambiance. Take advantage of both walls and create some magic.

Illuminated Bedhead

In a traditional bedroom setting, you would expect to find a bed that features a headboard. These headboards come in different types and sizes depending on the person’s preference. However, there’s also the option of using an illuminated bedhead rather than a traditional headboard. The illuminated bedhead will be attached to the wall to bring it out more and make it stand out. This bedhead is more of a sign which will work great made with neon-led flex lighting options. The best thing about this bedhead is that it can be created according to your preferences and instructions. You’ll get to enjoy a great statement piece and an additional night light that can easily be dimmed.

Shelve Lighting

When looking for ways to add led lights into your home, consider installing them in your shelves lining the insides. This will give a brilliant illumination and make the shelves in the room a nice centerpiece. Additionally, when its night time and you need to unwind, having the shelve lights on will be easier on the eyes while also providing great light. You should also consider having them under your cabinets especially in the kitchen. They are a great statement especially at night when the central light is off and you are left with the led lights.

Illuminated Mirrors



Having mirrors around your home is a great idea. They add character to a room and also make the room appear and feel bigger than it is. With this, most people stick to plain mirrors with no additions. However, to make it interesting, you can add some led strip lights to illuminate the mirrors. This is an excellent decor detail that will contribute to the aesthetics of your home.

Illuminated Stoop

When coming into the house especially at night, in most homes, there’s only the overhead primary light. However, you can change this by adding some led lights on your stoop. This will illuminate the steps at night and make them easier to use. Additionally, it will greatly contribute to the look of your house.


There are different ways to add led lights into your space. Take your time to find a few that suit you and implement them. Remember to consider the overall home decor and style you are going for especially when choosing the color of led lights. Invest in experimenting with different styles to add character and efficiency to your home.