Favorable reports from the scientists and approval from the US federal government has opened up the market for the CBD products. And in almost no time we see their demand springing up like anything.

The delinking of CBD from THC has been the biggest contributing factor in enhancing its popularity.  CBD offers various health benefits and that too without giving the infamous high. And that has made all the difference.

There is still limited research available on the health benefits as well as the side effects of CBD oil. However, a lot of useful information is available about these products to evaluate whether CBD oil is safe to use or not.

Is CBD oil safe?

For quite some time scientific studies were consistently indicating that CBD has many health benefits. However, lawmakers were hesitant to pass any favorable law for these products because of its perceived association with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Link with THC 

Both these compounds belong to the same Cannabis Sativa species. CBD is derived from Marijuana that is well known for its psychoactive properties. Until recently it was commonly believed that whichever compound is extracted from Marijuana would have similar properties. For this reason, it was illegal to use any product derived from this plant.

Delinking with THC

Scientific studies, through their research, isolated the THC as the compound that is responsible for giving the high in Marijuana. These studies also showed that CBD present in the same plant does not possess any hallucinating properties.

This prompted medical scientists and doctors to study the health benefits of CBD. They wondered if CBD can offer similar benefits as THC. Fortunately, they found that CBD has many health benefits minus the notorious high of the Marijuana plant.

Meanwhile, agriculturists and medical scientists started studying other cannabis plants for their constituents. They found that the Hemp plant belonging to the same species has a high content of CBD while a very low percentage of THC. This seemed to be a good combination that attracted the attention of doctors, lawyers, and lawmakers. They had found a solution.

It also encouraged the US federal government to pass a favorable law for CBD products and inspire many states to enact the law in their respective states.

This shows that CBD oil per se is safe for consumption. Furthermore, buying from a reputed brand like the Nuleaf Naturals CBD also ensures safety.

Health benefits of CBD oil

The biggest breakthrough came when the US FDA approved a drug (Epidiolex) containing CBD for the treatment of Seizures.

Many preclinical and clinical trials also reported the favorable health benefits of CBD. Following are some of those medical conditions:

  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Arthritis related pains
  • Neurological problems
  • Sleep disorder like insomnia
  • Skin problems like acne
  • Inflammation
  • Epilepsy

With the approval of a drug by the FDA, scientists have accelerated studies on CBD products. We can now expect a lot of activities around these products in the near future.

Now, the next valid question is:

What is unsafe about CBD?

There are five positives about CBD that we learned:

  1. Scientific research showing health benefits
  2. CBD showing no psychoactive properties.
  3. Hemp plant with high  CBD and low THC
  4. FDA approving a drug containing CBD
  5. Federal government passing the bill legalizing CBD products

Incidentally, the above five factors also present the gray side of CBD. Let us see how:

Research on Health Benefits & Side effects

Most of the trials to evaluate the health benefits of CBD have been conducted on animals. Very few studies are available on humans and almost no study on the long term effects of using CBD products. The absence of studies also means that sufficient studies are not available on the side effects of CBD oil and also on the effects of its interaction with other medications. Further, even the studies that are available do not offer conclusive pieces of evidence.

However, the study conducted on the side effects of the drug (Epidiolex) approved by the FDA reported fatigue, a decrease in appetite, elevated liver enzymes, and gastrointestinal problems in some of the participants. However, the symptoms remained only during the initial weeks of consumption. During this period volunteers were quickly increasing their dosage. The researcher did not observe the side effects after they stabilized the dosage.

So, we need to wait for a while to conclude any facts around the side effects of using CBD.

Psychoactive properties

Though pure CBD does not possess any psychoactive properties yet it is pretty difficult to establish the fact that CBD oil you are using is really pure. This is particularly tricky since the FDA does not regulate any CBD product other than the drug mentioned earlier.  So, there is practically no control of any government agency over the quality of the CBD oil.

A study showed that around 70% of the CBD products available in the market were not properly labeled. What does this translate to? Well, it means that you cannot know the content of CBD and any other ingredients of the product.

So, in case the oil you are using has high THC levels you can get high and can also have other side effects related to THC without knowing the reason. Secondly, this poses a risk of failing a drug test where using THC is illegal.

Laws around CBD

This is yet another gray area. The US federal government has passed a bill legalizing farming of hemp plants and manufacturing, transportation, selling, and consumption of CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC.

However, many states have not enacted the law. It creates a lot of confusion in the mind of the user. For instance, a truck driver using CBD oil is not sure whether it is legal to carry the CBD supplement while going through a state where the product is yet not legal.

Final Words

From the above description, it is very clear that CBD oil offers many health benefits without giving you high. Moreover, though it is safe for consumption yet more scientific research is required to establish many facts around its benefits and side effects.

Further, FDA should take a favorable stand in regulating CBD products and more and more states should consider enacting the law approved at the federal level so that more people can reap the health benefits offered by CBD oil.

We hope that the collective & cohesive working of all agencies would bring out more meaningful results. Until then we would suggest you be cautious while using CBD products and consult your physician before planning to use any CBD supplement.

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