Personal loans are the rescue when we get some unexpected or unplanned expenses in our lifetime. Whether it is breaking of expensive equipment like a refrigerator or washing machine or sponsoring a long-awaited dream trip, a personal loan which can provide convenient and affordable repayment options is all that would be needed to fix the product or buy a new one and go and live your dream at the trip destination. Personal loans are a great help when a process or a task just gets put to hold because of a lack of finances.

Credit cards can be considered by some to reach out for a lack of finances, but the repayment of the money is not always as convenient to understand. Also, most of the time, the interest rates are higher than personal loans. A credit card also has a credit limit which may be less than the sum of money a person may require; hence personal loans that offer affordable repayment options can be preferred by the people instead of credit cards.

Asteria Personal Loans

Credit cards sometimes operate on the concept of revolving debts where the repayment terms are not fixated, and it leads to a prolonged debt. Asteria personal loans that are available on the company’s website @ take care of the needs of a customer on an individual basis. A structured repayment plan is what can be useful to a customer so that he or she has clarity on the number of installments, their amounts, and the times at which they need to be paid.

This enables them to do prior planning in terms of monthly expenses and savings. Personal loans can be provided to any salaried or self-employed person, companies in the public and private sectors as well as to government employees. Let us look at some interesting features of the personal loans provided by Asteria.

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Interesting features of Asteria Personal Loans

Some features of the Asteria personal loans are as follows: –

Simplified application process

The application process of Asteria loans is extremely simple and easy to understand. It is a completely hassle-free experience with an aim to make it as much less complicated as possible on its website @ The time of a customer is valued, and any doubts or confusions are cleared by the team on a priority basis.

Faster personal loans

Faster personal loans are extremely helpful in case of financial emergencies. They take a lesser time to get processed and disbursed in comparison to traditional loans. Emergencies can be unannounced and uninvited, which can make things more stressful, and here is where Asteria can help the people in need to arrange immediate funds and help in the cases of urgency.

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Choose your amount

As soon as the amount of requirement is specified by the customer, the team helps in getting a quotation for the requested amount then and there. All the charges, interest rates, and repayment terms are mentioned clearly at that moment. Asteria ensures transparency as well as makes sure that there are no hidden expenses that can be charged towards the end of the repayment period and that all the expenses are mentioned in a structured manner at the time of choosing the loan amount.

Best rates in the market

Interest rates are charged by the lending agencies on a number of factors such as the credit score of the person, the employment status, the amount of loan, the capacity of repayment as well as tenure of the loan. Asteria personal loans offer low-interest rates in the interest of the customers to benefit them. The rates of loans provided by Asteria are some of the lowest interest rates provided in the market.

Tenure selection

The customers are given the liberty to choose the tenure of their personal loan, and this is approved by the team. The aim is to make the repayment process as simple and convenient as possible for the customers and solve their requirement of finances.

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The three custom plans they have for the customers are: –

8-week loan

Four installment repayment

  • First on the 15th day
  • Second on the 30th day
  • Third on the 45th day
  • Fourth on the 61st day

10-week loan

Five installment repayment

  • First on the 15th day
  • Second on the 30th day
  • Third on the 45th day
  • Fourth on the 60th day
  • Fifth on the 75th day

12-week loan

Six installment repayment

  • First on the 15th day
  • Second on the 30th day
  • Third on the 45th day
  • Fourth on the 60th day
  • Fifth on the 75th day
  • Sixth on the 90th day

In case of personal loans, a person will not have to worry about the month-end sum repayment in case of a credit card. The only arrangement for the minimum pre-decided amount has to be made. They are the best choice for fulfilling a quick financial requirement in case of emergencies, trips, or even weddings.

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