Is there an OSHA 40hr course?

oli2020 (CC0), Pixabay

The Local Law 196, 2017 has declared new requirements for the construction workers and construction site managers to be allowed on the construction site. Necessary working certification is not a bonus to have when getting the job. It is a capital “M” must. The employees must be actively engaged in all stages of the course duration ( attendance, enthusiastic participation, successful final exam passing). This all will ensure them to get an SST card and perform their job the fastest way possible.

What is OSHA 40?

Somehow search engines get the questions that make them even go puzzled, for example, “ How do I sign up for my OSHA 40hr course?”. Usually, it goes without any clear answer, since, actually there is no such thing as an “OSHA 40 hr course”. To bring more light to the issue: you do have to obtain 40 hours of training; however, these hours are divided among a 30 Hour OSHA training program and 10 Hour SST DOB (an 8 Hour Fall Prevention Course ( online), and a 2 Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness course ( as well as online) combined). Completing all of these programs gives you 40 hours in total and gets you to be fully certified.

No 40-hour bundle SST training

It goes without saying that obtaining a Site Safety Training (SST) card allows you to get down to performing all sorts of jobs at the construction site. As it has been mentioned before, one must have a certificate of full 40-hour training completion. Due to this fact, people usually search for “OSHA 40 Hour SST bundle training”. This is happening, because people are trying to get a bundle program and fulfill it. However, back to where we have started: such a program does not exist, and attempts to order it should be abandoned.

40 hours of completion certification

As we have made our peace with that there is no such thing as NYC DOB OSHA 40, but there is a required certification stating 40 hours of training ( 40 hours in all). Managers of the construction sites ( also fully equipped with a necessary certification) have to be sure that their subordinates have gone through training and passed required tests, demonstrating quite knowledgeable potential. Otherwise, there must be no compromise on whether the person has to be allowed at the site. Three different sessions of training in total is the only prerequisite.

10 Hour course

There is a chance when looking for OSHA 40 NYC you might bump into a 10 Hour NYC DOB SST training. Such a program does exist and fully legit. It consists of an 8 Hour Fall Prevention Course and a 2 Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness Course. It goes with a bonus – discounted price offer in comparison with doing them separately.

To sum up

Finally, it would be not redundant to accentuate that 40 OSHA SST training is a non-existent bundle program for obtaining the SST card. When trying to get certified you should search for a 30 Hour OSHA training + 10 Hour NYC DOB SST training. Make sure to put it right when looking for, and when recommending to others be more precise, with what those 40 hours are.