Becoming healthier the Japanese way.


Japanese Exercises to Live Longer-If someone predicted that you wouldn’t survive beyond 20, would you leave it to fate or would you try and be as healthy as you can? This Japanese engineer and the teacher never believed in giving up, and this resilience led him to some inventions which could change the way of life, for good.

Here Are The Japanese Exercises To Live Longer

Japanese Exercises to Live Longer

Japanese Exercises to Live Longer

Katsuzo Nishi- an engineer and Aikido teacher learned a lot throughout his life. He is the chief technical engineer for the first ever subway project, and apart from that, he has studied health and medicine from all over the world. He kept experimented and worked throughout to ensure that his methods could help achieve a healthy body.


According to him, health depends on four important factors that should always be in harmony:

  • Skin condition
  • Quality of food
  • The limbs status
  • Psychological state

The Nishi Health System was found in 1927, but all its practices are still very known today. The six laws of the system include:

  1. Heisho
  2. Sleeping on a hard bud and round pillow(Kochin): Curved spines create issues with the internal organs as a lot of us spend a lot of time sleeping all our lives, and the posture should be correct at all times. Katsuzo says that a hard bed with a round pillow or roll is the best for digestive organs as well as the circulatory system. If you want to switch a roller than a pillow, wrap it within a few fabric layers to start as it is difficult for people to get acquainted with it quickly. Take the fabric away as you begin to get more comfortable.
  3. Goldfish exercise ( Kingyo Undo): Lie down on your back with hands behind the head. Keep the legs flexed and perpendicular to the floor. Swing the hips horizontally from both sides, just like a swimming fish. Repeat this at 60 seconds intervals.
  4. Circulation Improvisation ( Mokan Undo): Lie down on a hard flat surface and place a solid roller under the 3rd and 4th vertebrae of your neck. Raise the legs and hands into the air and release all tension. Shake your legs and arms for 1-minute each.
  5. Join the sole and palms ( Gassyo-Gasseki): Lie on a hard flat surface with the hands and feet pressed together. Slid the feet and hands in a horizontal fashion ten times in a row. After finishing, rest with the feet and hands drawn inside for 2 minutes and then repeat the movement.
  6. Core Pendulum (Hifuku Undo): Sit down on your knees. Swing the upper half of your body, centering the hips for 10 minutes.  Pump your abdomen in an inclined position and when you are upright, shrink the abdomen.


To increase strength within the body, it is essential to incorporate these exercises into our routine. The Nishi system follows exercise, proper diet, skin and psychological state. The work shows how every body part is connected to one another and how it is essential to work on all parts ourselves to stay healthy.