Awesome Technique By Japanese To Turn Your Eyes Younger


Japanese technique to make your eyes look younger-When we look in the mirror, we can notice that the increasing age has started to grow in our eyes. Thus it would turn us look tired and sad for the whole day. The eyebrows, upper lids, and the outer corners of our eyes will move down. Thus it would develop small wrinkles on our face. When you face swell, the cracks may appear to be more profound. But it can give you a special message that we call as Shiatsu which even helps us to rejuvenate and then to restore the area around the eyes and then to turn to the initial stage.

Shiatsu is different from other ways to rub the skin. It is because of the movement in which we press the specific points on our face. The exercise is by the Japanese women who want to keep their beauty and youth as a secret through the activity.

Well, we feel interested in the ways, and thus the message has turned out to be as popular as always. It is officially by the Japanese. The exercise will take around one minute to perform. You can do it either in the morning or evening whenever you feel tired eyes.

What does Shiatsu all about?

Japanese technique to make your eyes look younger

The exercise means to exert pressure and to use a finger. It began in the 20th century. It is the likely and straightforward method used by Japanese and thus reconsidered by the medical authority of the country. Well, we know that it works on the spots that are present on the face. When you press these points, then it would help in the proper circulation of blood on the face side. Thus it leads to the speeding up the metabolism in the tissues. Hence it has turned out to be effective in the number of cases. It is basic to start rejuvenation.

First Japanese technique to make your eyes look younger

Raising of eyebrows

The area to press is the inner and the outer end. It also includes the middle area of the eyebrows. You need to place three fingers say index, ring, and the middle one on the three points. It will help to restore the eyebrows to the original place. Thus you should go for the direct pressing and thus push it slightly upward in direction.

It will continue for the next seven seconds.

To remove the crows’ feet

The area to get pressed is the outer corner of the eyes. You will require to place the index finger on the spots to warm it up such that it will turn to be easy for you to press back. Now pull your muscles towards the temple in a slight manner. But remember you must not take off your fingers. Make sure to remove your flesh, not the skin. The time it will take is three seconds, and you need to repeat it for the next three times.

To get rid of the swelling

The point to press is the inner corner of your eye or say the area between your eyes and the nose. You will place the index finger to keep it on the spot and try to move it perpendicularly. But make sure you are not stretching your skin for some movement. Try to form a fork with the help of the index and middle finger. Now keep pressing the outer and inner corner of the eyes. The time it will take is three seconds, and you need to repeat it for the next three times.

To remove wrinkles from your nose bridge

The area that you need to press is in between the eyebrows or the zone area for the third eye. You need to perform the fast movements by joining the index finger, ring finger, and the middle finger. Three must get placed together. Now you need to put the three spots in a way it is in between the brows using finger pads. The activity will take around five to seven seconds and you need to perform it for the next two times.

Well, all these exercises are popular and useful for you. We hope you will enjoy performing them.