How Does This Korean Woman Manages To Look 20 When She Is 50?


Kim Hee ae’s beauty secret-If you see Kim Hee-Ae and think that she is in college, it is not your fault, and no one will blame you for being mistaken. This famous South Korean actress is 50 years old but looks like she has just passed college and is in her 20s. Even at 50, her skin is young and firm. If you think cosmetic surgery is the answer, you are wrong. Kim Hee-Ae does not believe in cosmetic surgeries. Here, she shares her secrets with us and telling us how you can stay beautiful and young from both inside and outside!

Kim Hee-ae, aged 50 is a famous South Korean actress. Even though 34 years had passed since her first acting, her skin still looks flawless and firm. She does not undergo cosmetic

surgery as other celebrities do. At 50, Kim Hee Ae’s complexion is one to envy – radiant, smooth, and firm; one you’ll notice even from a distance. She is candid about aging; she embraces the process, and also gave us tips on how to stay healthy, both inside and out. Let’s see how she do it!

  1. First Kim Hee ae’s beauty secret is saying no to alcohol!

  2. Kim Hee Ae's beauty secret & health tips on anti-ageing

Kim Hee Ae tries to avoid liquor as it is damaging to the skin and escalates the process of aging. She occasionally drinks when she is at social events. Alcohol intensifies the process of aging and causes wrinkles, dehydration, depletion of nutrients in the body, and the loss of collagen and elasticity of the skin.

  1. Second Kim Hee ae’s beauty secret is early to bed

Kim Hee Ae believes in the power of sleep and goes to sleep before 11 pm every night. If she does not get enough sleep, she gets dark circles and becomes irritable. During sleeping, the blood flow is increased in the body and collagen is produced. This gives the skin a healthy glow while the loss of sleep makes your skin lifeless.

  1. Avoid The Sun!

Even though Kim Hee Ae loves to play golf, she never forgets to wears a large hat and a sun mask, and to apply sunscreen. It is very crucial to protect the skin from the sun as prolonged exposure to the sun can cause weakening of the lower layer of the skin, wrinkles, dark spots, and even extreme sunburnt.

  1. Passion Fruit Juice

Kim Hee Ae starts her morning with a glass of passion fruit juice mixed with honey. A laxative food, passion fruit aids in the process of the digestive system and prevents constipation. A healthy digestive system translates into the radiant skin. Passion fruit also contains vitamin C which prevents pre-mature aging in the body. It also makes the immune system healthy.

  1. Groundnut soup

Considered a very healthy snack, groundnut has many amazing health benefits. Rich in Vitamin E, zinc and magnesium, it gives a natural glow to the skin. The protein content in peanuts is crucial in cell regeneration. The aging process of the body is slowed down by the anti-oxidants present in it. Boiled groundnuts are known to have lower calories and fats, and more nutrients than raw dry- roasted groundnuts. Making soup out of it is the best way, and Kim Hee Ae swears by it!