The Last Digit Of Your Birth Year Reveals A Lot About You Find Out


What does the last digit of your birth year reveal about you? As per the Chinese calendar, the last digit of your birth year has a lot of significance as it reveals a lot your personality rather than just helping you with your age.

The numbers from 1 to 9 represent five basic elements- metal, water, earth, fire and wood – feng shui.

This is what the last digit of your birth year reveal about you

1. ELEMENT – METAL ( 0-1 )

What does the last digit of your birth year reveal about you

People who have birth years ending with 0 and one are governed by the qualities of metal like the requirement of personal space and flexibility. You prefer being reserved and, want to be independent without paying any heed to the advice given by others.

You are career oriented and likely to achieve your goals as you are ambitious. Though you adore luxury and public appreciation, privacy tops the priority list for you.

When it comes to relationships, you might become weak. You might also fail in relationships if your partner does not help and support you as you demand and seek a lot from your partner.

2. ELEMENT- WATER ( 2-3 )

What does the last digit of your birth year reveal about you

Water is an epitome of adaptability. Similarly, you are creative, emotional and empathetic. You have the skill of moulding people’s views and opinions with your words. Rather than being an overly dominating partner, you’ll be a controlling partner.

You have the power to make people good about themselves by giving them the soothing and calming effect. It helps you to grow into a lovable personality. However, you might appear indecisive at times. Make sure, that people do not take your good nature for granted.

3. ELEMENT- WOOD ( 4-5)

Wood is one of the essential parts of the tree not only because it gives strength to the tree, but also it helps the tree to fight adverse weather conditions and, helps to make it aesthetic.

People with birth years ending with 4 and 5 appreciate prospering, growing with experiences and enhancing their knowledge. It will be apt if we define your personality as positive, dynamic and evergrowing.

You are fantastic at workplaces because your decision-making skills are so on point that it will always be an aid in the workplace. Plus, you are a good manager as well as a good organiser. You tend to maintain good relations with your friends and your colleagues and, take care of them in the best way possible.

You always aim for higher goals. The best thing about you is that you are confident in yourself and, are extremely concerned about your near and dear ones.  You give your 100% in every relationship.

The only drawback is that you never allow yourself to step forward and take the lead, therefore, giving a chance to other people. Make sure that you appear more in the crowd of a million.

4. ELEMENT – FIRE ( 6-7)

Fire symbolises action and passion. People who have 6 and seven as the last digit of their birth year,  it means they are competitive, fierce, impulsive, aggressive and, healthy. You love showing love and affection to the one you like. You tend to enjoy every bit of the relationships and,

have never-ending passion. Talking about your professional life, you seem to be a good leader and want to succeed in everything you venture into. Since you have a strong personality, you tend to draw the attention of other people towards you with your actions.

However, the only drawback is that you lose your temper fast and, want things to be done as per you as quickly as possible. You get stressed fast and, have tolerance be it anything.

5. ELEMENT – EARTH ( 8-9 )

Earth is something which gives life to thousands of organisms, provides the must needed stability, a sense of security and firmness which makes life possible. Just like the earth, you are a patient person who is wisely accompanied with cautious nature.

Since you take decisions with a careful approach, you have a clear mind due to which you are a good advisor for a lot of people. The wisdom you attain helps other people to bring out their inner being and, grow as an individual. Just like the earth, you have a sacrificing nature and, you are very responsible and loyal.

Because of your decisive nature, you are a good decision maker which helps you excel in your professional life.

You do better in business because you do not let your emotions control you or govern you in any manner. You have a prudent approach towards life.

Talking about your relationships, you do not like being deceived by the person you love. You want your partner to stay loyal to you. Your beloved becomes a part of your life and, you trust them a lot.

However, you want to control your life completely. You give way too much importance to logic and, do not consider paying attention to your intuitions. You are afraid of changes.

Now, unveil your personalities and get to know more about yourself since introspection is the key.