Non-Physical Types of Cheating That are Still Cheating!


What is emotional cheating? I get it, relationships are hard, harder than they look, but do not make them more complicated than they actually are by doing certain things that will destroy you and your partner and leave many scars for time to heal.

Relationships become stronger when you find a compatible partner for yourself and work hard to make it work, invest a lot of yourself in the relationship. Some people have got the idea that only if you cheat on someone physically, then only it can be counted as cheating,

but that is far from the truth. “Emotional” cheating also exists and guess what many have had these “emotional” affairs. So, what do you think is “emotional” cheating?

What is emotional cheating?

You are too close to a friend of the opposite sex for “comfort”.

What is emotional cheating

If there is someone in your life which consumes a lot of your time and you and your partner could otherwise use that time then believe me that is who I am talking about at this point.

Hey, I know your friends, and you need each other, but pause and ask yourselves if you are always going to this person for comfort instead of your partner; if yes, then you need to take a step, be it back or forward. By being emotionally involved in someone else, you are keeping your partner in dark and denying him/her the right to know about your feelings.

Do you have someone like this in your life too? Then you need to take a moment alone and decide, and then communicate everything with your partner.

You’re a virtual flirt.

You just sent a flirtatious message to your ex but you are not really cheating, because come on it is the internet after all where words do not mean anything (bitch, please). That is not how it works. The Internet is not the platform that you can use for faking your identity just because it gives you the perk of anonymity. If you think that this behaviour does not count as cheating, then you need to get yourselves checked. You do not become a different person on the Internet.

You are more committed to your phone and your life on social media.

Wait till you hear the stats; according to a study, 40% of the people consider their phone more dependable than their significant others. That may just be the most depressing thing that you may have heard in a while. Millennials are now busy showing off their relationship on the social media platforms than analysing how important and meaningful their relationship is. Do not stick your head in front of your screens all the time, rather share and create some precious moments with your special someone. Relationships grow only if you spend and invest a lot of time in them. It takes time for a deep and meaningful connection to develop.

You discuss every little detail about your partner with others.

Sharing your ups and downs of your relationship with a close friend is not wrong, all of us have been there, done that. It takes the shape of wrong when you do it more consistently and only with the intention of complaining. If you have to complain about your partner on a regular basis with a friend then maybe that is an alarm to just end it, because no one benefits from complaining rather than working on the relationship. It would benefit you more if you just make room for some healthy conversation instead of complaining about him/her to your friends.

You try to find solace with strangers.

All of us want some time alone, to clear our head, to solve some internal battles, and enjoy some quality time with ourselves. This just allows us the space that we all deserve in a healthy relationship. What is odd is when you start looking for strangers for each of your emotional outbursts. This just means that you do not have enough comfort level with your partner to discuss some of the crucial emotions of your life. If you pick up conversations with strangers and channel your important emotions towards them because you find it hard to share them with your partner, then honey, your relationship is not going okay, and you need to resolve these issues.

You keep your friendships a secret from your partner.

If you are keeping some of your friendships a secret from your partner, then it is quite a threat. We all need friends in our lives, but keeping it a secret is unnecessary, and you may sense it as a sign of a case of lacking trust. Everyone needs his/her gang, to be around friends who care about them, but if you feel the need to hide some of them from your partner then it may be a sign to re-think your relationship. It is a very unhealthy behaviour for a healthy relationship.

Your bedroom fantasies do not involve your partner.

Sexual desires of two people are very important in a relationship. I know that there should be love and respect for each other but intimacy is also an essential part of your relationship. Dreaming about ideal lovemaking is something that we all do, but if your fantasies always involve some other person instead of your partner, then you may sense it as a sign of something odd. Sexual fulfilment should not be ignored as unnecessary because that may become one of the causes for an end of it all even for the healthiest of the relationships.

Did you find any of the above cases in your relationship? If yes, then you need to take a serious step to resolve the hassle that will inevitably be the end of your loving relationship. Think twice before flushing a meaningful relationship down the drain. If you find any of the above symptoms creep in your precious relationship, then you may need to have a proper, healthy communication with your significant other to resolve the hazardous issues or it is maybe the time to end it. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below. Do not forget to share it with your friends who are in a relationship.