Let’s laugh on the funny useless inventions


Funny inventions-Laughing is a healthy exercise for our body. Our heavy schedules and hard work do not permit us to have time for us and make fun outside. Don’t worry; we have brought some digital funny contents to make you laugh better.

Awesome Funny inventions

Oh God, is it a charger or hair band?

Funny inventions

Do the people really have much time to make such a time-consuming thing?

This is a little better but again, do you have time really?

Can I use them as my food instrument?

Now you can have a garden in your shoes too.

Yeah, I like the shoe man!

Anything can be used by girls to put their stuff good.

These caps can be used for my newborn kitten.

Pencil seems some dirty, is it?

My phone is secure beyond the limit because no one likes to touch the books.

I’m trying to find the reason why it has been made.

These drawers are actually beautiful.

This is so cute.

I’m not going to throw my old guitar.

So a strong table.

Please tell me what they are actually!