Liar liars burns on social media.


Liars on social media-Social media are filled with liars. People often tend to lie on social media for popularity. In today’s day to day life where technology has become a huge part of our lives we rarely think of twice before fabricating stories on our social media handles. We go online blatantly lie to the whole world.

I know it sounds such a horrible thing to do. But it can be hilarious when due to an unexpected turn of events or due to their foolishness they sadly get revealed.

Here are some posts that backfired. Some people got trolled, and their lies were revealed.

Sometimes all you get is head when you don’t have one.

Liars on social media

Liars on social media

  • Liars on social media

Ouch! It hurts, doesn’t it?




Did you mean fake Seth Rogen?


Racism, stealing, lying, I am confused about what exactly is happening!

Raise your hand if you’re on the same page as me.



I am sorry if I was a billionaire what on Earth would I drive your old beat up Chevy for? Have I got no reputation or status at all?


I am sorry no offence to old people.

You might be old but not innocent!


Blind people are not on social media.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

It seems like Mum cannot set a good example.

I tell you Vloggers these days come up with all sorts of queer ideas to sell their videos.

But its hell lot of fun when they get caught!


Didn’t see that coming, did ya?

Charity or Begging?

Someone call Animal Control!



I am sure its a good explanation. The only problem is it cannot possibly be a truthful explanation.

I am sorry, no comments. Thank you.

Are you even human? Cause I see a staggering low sense of humanity.

Get your facts straight, sweetheart.