Now, Step In Your More Comfortable Shoes


Shoes hacks-Here are thirteen simple hacks to make your shoes more comfortable so that you feel comfortable walking in them and are worth spending money on.

Life changing shoes hacks

1. Sand your shoes

Are your shoes slipping while you walk and getting hurt over every tripping? Here’s a fix for you! Just sandpaper the soles and check if that works. It’s a super easy method and an aid for the slipping soles.

Life changing shoes hacks

2. Tape your toes

The best way to do away with the pain of the new heels is tapping your third and fourth toes together because there exists a nerve in the middle of the two toes which, by tapping, can ease the pain.

3. Baby-powder for squeaky shoes

If your shoes make noise while walking, quite them by lifting up their insoles and sprinkling the power all around the shoe.

4. Waterproof the shoes

With the help of the beeswax and a blow dryer, you can waterproof your canvas shoes. Try applying the wax all around the shoe and blow dry until the wax melts completely. Just let the wax sot and here are your new waterproof shoes ready!