We always tend to match our shoes with our outfit. For each occasion, we have a different pair of shoes. Girls are particularly fascinated with high heels. Though heels look very elegant and classy on every girl, a mere thought of walking in them sends shivers down our spine.

But for most of the girls, looks matter the most, and hence they bear the pain of walking in those heels. They hide their pain and discomfort behind a pleasant smile. Have you ever wondered that some tips could make your experience with heels less painful? Yes! Today we’re going to give you some tips on how to pair your shoes correctly with your outfit and at the same time save yourself from the trauma of being uncomfortable while wearing heels.

1.Tip to avoid Blisters.

The problem with new shoes is that they give you blisters. No matter how expensive your shoes may be, you cannot avoid blisters. They cause pain while walking so much so that you want to get rid of your brand new pair of shoes. While it is true that you cannot avoid blisters completely, but you can sure minimize the trouble they cause. Rubbing deo on your toes and heels will help in reducing the friction that is caused by the new shoes.

2.Blow dry your new shoes.

If you feel that your shoes are too tight for your feet, then follow this pro tip.  Wear thick or thermal socks with your new shoes and blow dry them. This will loosen your shoes up a little bit, and then you can walk around in them comfortably.

3.Use hairspray on slipping flip flops.

While it is totally true that flip-flops are the most comfortable pair of footwear one can probably have, they sometimes tend to create problems for us by slipping away from our feet. You can use your hairspray if similar is the case with you. Hairspray will provide a better grip on the flip-flops.

4.Make your shoes waterproof.

Everyone sure hates when their shoes are damp during monsoon or winters. Buying waterproof shoes is an expensive alternative to solving this problem. There is another cheaper alternative available. Just rub beeswax inside your shoes, and there you go! You have created your own pair of waterproof shoes.

5.Use tea bags if your feet are sweaty.

Sweaty feet results in a foul smell which is a source of embarrassment. You can get rid of this foul smell by using a tea bag. For this, you can also use the used tea bags after drying them.

6.How to deal with painful heels.

Wearing high heels can be troublesome because of the nerve splits between third and fourth toes. So, if you tape those two toes together, this will help in alignment of the foot muscles and will not cause any pain. Try this tip the next time you wear your high heels.

7.Get a better grip.

Have you ever faced a situation where you were head over heels(like literally) due to your plastic flat sandals? If yes, then similar is the case with many girls out there. Plastic sandals are meant for monsoons, but they tend to be very slippery. So, to get a better grip on the floor, just rub some sandpaper on the bottom of the sole. This will make all the difference.

8.Use baby powder.

The smell of baby powder is very pleasing. You can use baby powder on your new shoes to prevent the foul smell. Baby powder will also provide added comfort while wearing the shoes and plus what better than getting to smell that aroma from time to time?

9.Get yourself heel grips.

Heel grips are readily available in stores nowadays. You can get those heel grips and see what difference it makes in your life!

10. Foot spa!

Trust me; you don’t need to go to any parlor for a foot spa. You can do it yourself at your home. Add salt to warm water and soak your feet in it. You may also add in some essential oils to moisturize your feet. Do this at least once a week to get relief from the foot pain. Taking care of your feet is a prerequisite to minimizing your pain.

11. Fix the stains on your leather shoes.

To get rid of stains on your leather shoes, spray vinegar water and gently scrub it.


That’s all for today! Let us know whether these tips were helpful for you or not.