The shade on your lips that amplifies your personality


Lipstick shades to amplify your personality-Lips are probably one of the first things that a man notices in a woman.  Many people have the misconception that they are supposed to match the colour of their lips with their attire. But in reality, the colour on your lips itself gives a vibe that many men tend to find attractive. In this article, we will indeed look into the shades that best compliment your personality, especially to a guy you are interested in. If you are already aware of what a guy wants, you can choose the shade that helps you in getting his attention more.

Lipstick shades to amplify your personality

1. Baby Pink: The name of the tone here speaks for itself. If you want to come out to the world as a woman who is mostly into cute babies, animals or any other such lovely things, then this is the shade for you. Nothing makes a woman look more attractive than with baby pink lips.

2. Bright Red: Mostly seen on working women a lot, this shade compliments a woman who wants to come out to the world as a confident figure. It is one of the most common shades that women like to use on a daily basis, particularly woman who follow a routine of 9 to 5 job. In this competitive world, women need to show their dominant side to match up even with the men.

Lipstick shades to amplify your personality

3. Black: This is is one of the lipstick shades to amplify your personality. No, it is not a negative colour as a shade at all. It does not make that woman a wrong person, who is into darker shades. This colour is most common among teenagers, and it is like a shade which says that they don’t care about anything much.

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4. Hot pink: It is the shade that gives off the vibe of a younger person, as a person who is into adventure and travels a lot with her friends. Mainly familiar with college girls, it best compliments their lifestyle.

5. Light Red: Now some women like to look good with lovely shade, but also does not want to gain attention towards herself. This shade is for women who are good with everyone, who wins everyone’s attention but not as the most striking one.

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6. Wine Red: This shade says classy. To come off as a woman who is patient about things, this shade fits the profile correctly.

7. Different colours: Innovative shades like fluorescent, ultraviolet colours are best for music festivals or any such occasions. It speaks to innovation and people with an open mindset.