The United States has formed and funded various international organizations for decades in order to monitor the electoral activities in democratizing countries. It is to ensure that elections are fair and free. However, with a history of exporting such practices to countries around the world, several jurisdictions in the US have been keeping away the international observers from monitoring its own electoral processes.

Now that America’s 2020 election activities have begun, President Trump seems to be sabotaging the 2020 vote’s integrity. The world wants the US to end this hypocrisy and be open about its electoral processes completely to international scrutiny.

However, because of the pandemic, people living in the United States and all over the world are looking for some great options to follow the 2020 US election happenings. Among all other possible options, live streaming appears to be the easiest one to get hold of everything without missing important details.

The 2020 presidential election race started with a presidential debate between the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump on Tuesday, 29th September.

Both candidates publicly participated in front of the public at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. It was aired on TV from 9 pm to 10:30 p.m. ET. There were no commercial breaks. However, because of the pandemic, there were some changes this time, such as no handshakes, a lesser number of audience, and testing for COVID-19 before the elections.

Why Is Live Steaming Important?

Live streaming is considered a live TV evolution. Live TV has made a great impact as it brought informative, up to date, and accessible content to the viewers. It has become popular, and since it emerged, there has been a decline in TV subscriptions.

The decline is a result of an increase in streaming and change in the behavior of viewers. The online video industry has changed the way viewers feel. Simply to say, it has made viewers feel they are in charge of what they see and when they want to see ut.

On the TV screen, accessibility and content are limited. Whereas with online streaming, there is no such limitation. Viewers can access content anytime and anywhere for free, even through mobile devices. Live streaming is more flexible than TV. Moreover, it allows views to watch something they have missed.

Live streaming the elections will allow the audience to witness the two candidates battling for 15 minutes segments over the Supreme court and their personal records along with their stance on the situation of the pandemic, violence, and race in cities, economy, and election’s integrity. The moderator Chris Wallace selected these topics, who is a news anchor at Fox News.

Because of the situation in the US, live streaming, the electoral process appears to be the only option for getting updates while in the comfort of your home. The audience can keep an eye on all presidential debates and related activities until the day of the election.

How Can I Live Stream The Debate Online Or On TV?

The presidential debates will be shown live on all major cable news channels and networks, including C-SPAN, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, NBC, Fox CBS, ABC. Moreover, you can live stream these debates online on YouTube through CBS News and many other services such as C-SPAN. Along with that, the debates will also be streamed via Twitter’s US Election hub.

How To Watch Electoral Processes Through Live Streams?

Major networks like CNN are offering a live stream of the debates for free. You do not require any cable login information to watch CNN live.

Several major TV networks like MSNBC, Fox News, ABC News will air the debate for ninety minutes.

YouTube is also playing a vital role in live streaming the debates in collaboration with CBS News.

Moreover, you can also live stream via C-SPAN for free.

If you do not own cable TV, you can opt for paid live TV streaming. You can select from the following options, including almost all of the major cable news channels and networks:

  • YouTube TV
  • FuboTV
  • AT&T TV Now
  • Hulu with Live TV
  • Sling TV

However, it is necessary that you have a stable internet connection.

Live news streaming is one of the best ways to stay updated about what’s happening around the US Presidential Elections 2020. Now that things have started to heat up, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon of live news streaming so that you don’t miss anything!