Problems occur Due To Long Sitting Jobs


Long sitting problems-Do you ever think about your health or your body? It all depends on the work or activities you are doing for the whole day. It is up to you that you choose to do work by sitting on an entire desk day or want to do some physical work. Sitting jobs give birth to significant health problems and also destroy the body shape. Today here we are to discuss the issues that generally occur by occupying the whole day. Let us take a look over the article and get up from your chair.

Spinal Strain

Long Sitting Problems-Problems occur Due To Long Sitting Jobs

We all know that we should not sit for 6-8 hours continuously because it puts an adverse impact on our body and causes spinal strain. According to scientists, every Briton works the whole day while sitting. They sit for 14 hours every day. Unluckily not only Briton but people from other countries also do the same. Doctors said that we should not sit down because it is a very unnatural position and not meant for humans.

The shape of the spinal cord is in the form of S. Standing position only maintains it. When we work in a sitting area for a whole day, then our S-Shaped spine takes a C-Shape. Working in a sitting position makes our stomach muscles weak, and it becomes difficult to hold the proper body form.

The Cardiovascular System

Long Sitting Problems-Problems occur Due To Long Sitting Jobs

Lack of physical activity will lead us to the diseases of cardiovascular systems. Conditions like heart disease or chronic hypertension. Sitting jobs makes our body muscles weaken and slow down the blood circulation. When we don’t do any physical activity, then we suffer the problem of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is the situation when cholesterol plaques get to build in the blood vessels of the heart. It also causes less supply of oxygen to the core.

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Varicose Veins

Long Sitting Problems-Problems occur Due To Long Sitting Jobs

Sitting on a chair and working for 8-12 hours reduce the blood circulation in the lower body parts. Less flow of blood in the body cause varicose veins. Varicose veins generally get developed in women. The problem of varicose veins also comes in hereditary, but it majorly found in the people who sit with crossed legs. It becomes a hurdle in the proper circulation of blood between the legs. Inadequate flow of blood leads to blood clotting, and it is dangerous for health. Blood clotting blocks the blood vessels in the heart, lungs, and brain.


Long Sitting Problems-Problems occur Due To Long Sitting Jobs

Obesity gives birth to several diseases. When we sit for the whole day our calories not get burned, and it spreads more fat on our body. Sitting jobs also leads us to high blood pressure, and it also slows down the fat burning process. These days people love to do sitting positions behind their desks and don’t want to do any physical work. Sitting jobs increase calories in the body and don’t burn the fat.

Muscles and Bones

Sedentary lifestyle puts a worse impact on human tissues and bones also. Constant slouching makes our body muscles weak and flabby. It puts a significant effect on the abdominal and gluteal muscles. Sitting behind the whole desk day leads us to osteoporosis. It is the situation when our body becomes weakened, and it gets difficult to hold the shape in a seating position. During this, our body starts losing strength and become fragile.

Mental distress and Anxiety

Doing sitting jobs in your whole life leads you to psychological stress and anxiety. Lack of physical activity increases the chances of depression. People start facing loneliness and isolation. Physical activities cheer up the moods and help in relaxing the body. It also helps in boosting self-confidence. Doing physical exercises removes the anxiety and imbalance occurred during sitting jobs.