Hello, Beauties!

You might have come across various tutorials on how to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles, but today we will acquaint you with some useful makeup hacks that will make your eyes look bright and wide awake. This will hardly take 5 minutes but will leave a lasting impression on the people you’ll meet. So let’s get started.

Curl your lashes.

This is the most useful tip. You should curl your lashes and then coat them with your favorite mascara or a coat of clear mascara. This will make your eyes look more open. To do this the best way is to Press a lash curler once at your lashline, once in the middle of your lashes and once at the ends for the doll eye effect. Use mascara on your lower lash line too. But be careful while doing that.

Use concealer.

After applying your foundation, use some concealer under your eyes. Use two shades lighter to cover your dark circles.Always use the concealer after properly moisturizing your skin for best results. Concealer will hide the puffiness under your eyes to give you a fresh and awake look.

Dual liner:

Use black eyeliner and pair it up with bright metallic eyeliner in silver, gold or green shade.

Nude/white eyeliner:

Apply a nude or white eyeliner on the inner rim or waterline and also on the inner corner near the tear duct to make your eyes look wide awake.

Arch your brows:

Arched brows will make your look perfect. Use a thin, angular brush to arch your eyebrows using small strokes.

Use Bronzer.

Use the right shade of bronzer to spice up your look. Use it particularly on your eyelids.

Use a metallic shadow

After using a base such as Maybelline color tatoo, add some metallic eyeshadow to your eyelids. This will brighten up your face instantly making you look more alert and awake. You may pick a gold or a silver one.

Add a hint of color.

Use bright pink on your lips and cheeks. .Use a lip liner as a base, and then apply a fresh pink gloss or lipstick. Use a pink cream blush and face powder on your face.

Use eyedrops.

This tip will cleanse your eyes and brighten them up. Use eyedrops whenever your eyes feel tired.


Lastly, drink plenty of water and take proper sleep to keep your eyes healthy.