Massive dogs that still behave like cuddly little lap dogs.


Dogs are amazing creatures.They are cute and cuddly. I’m sure those of you who own a dog will agree that dogs are always seeking its owner’s love in different ways. This becomes quite evident when they don’t realize how big they are, and they still behave like cuddly little lap dogs.

Check out these super adorable pictures of massive dogs.

1.Hugs hugs

2.The owner looks used to his pet.

3.Please cuddle him?

4.poor guy

5.He looks so innocent

6. The Over-excited dog

7.Three of them demands an equal amount of love.

8.No matter the place, he’ll always have your lap!

9. Awwwdorable!

10. He’s so big but so small at heart

11.Comfort level at its best.

12.Then and now.

13.No, you’re not the teacher.

14.No, you can’t move.

15.Wold hound puppy!

16.A dog as big as its human

17.But, why so sad?

18.Look at that happy human!

19.Their hang out buddy

20. It seems like His human doesn’t have any problem