You Have To Try This Magical Unicorn Eyeliner


Unicorn Eyeliner! Sounds mystical, isn’t it? You might be familiar with unicorn hair, unicorn horn nails, and unicorn poop soap, but the lastest trend is unicorn eyeliner. It is perfect for you if you are bored with the regular cat eye and want to inject some colors into your life. Take your eyeliner to the next level with this sparkly and pastel makeup.

Be more adventurous and add a unicorn horn to your rainbow eyeshadow

While most of us out here can’t even attempt a simple eyeliner look, this woman is creating swirls with her eyeliner.

 This look even more magical with the glitter and sparkles!

Experiment with the white, pink, and blue colors.

You can be Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

If it is too bold for you, then go easy on the eyeshadow but all out with everything else.

You can be more creative and play with glitters


Accessories can enhance this look and take it to whole new level!

You will be the center of attention if you wear this look. 

What do you think? Let us know if will try this enchanting eyeliner looks?