Men Hide These Things from Others


Men Hide These Things from Others-Statistics don’t tell us many facts about men. Considering an average, men live shorter than most men, they lie twice as often as women, and they spend a year just looking at them. So let’s decipher what’s true and what’s faux.

Men Hide These Things from Others

  1. Men see dangers in nightmares

Men Hide These Things from Others

The common topics of nightmares for everyone are probably dead or threats. According to research, there are some variants in the way women and men see nightmares. Large-scale disasters, wars, etc. are often seen by men in their nightmares. Women, however, see interpersonal conflicts twice as often as men.

  1. Bending over to get an object.

Women squat to pick up an object whereas a man would bend over to do the same. There are exceptions of course, but the behavior is typical. This could be because women wear short or tight clothes whereas men are not restrained due to the clothing aspect, making it an easy task to bend over.

  1. They like ladies with a healthy weight

According to Blanca Ortega Roldan Olivia from Granada University, men have an eye for slim women who look healthy. No, we aren’t indicating that those with a cough and cold are unattractive, but healthy women, in general, can turn heads.

This means men prefer women who are fit rather than mythical creatures who are as light as a feather. They like women whose growth is correlated on a normal scale.

  1. If they keep their thumbs on their belt, they are trying to buy attention from a lady

A man voluntarily holds on to a pose which looks strong and courageous if he is trying to show a woman any kind of interest in her. A man would often hold his thumbs hooked onto his belt. In ancient times there were no belts or pants. Men would try to win a female in such circumstances by pointing to their crotch. In today’s date, this would be considered really indecent, true. But let’s buy it; a guy having his hands on the belt still has his hands pointing towards his crotch.

  1. Men like other men complimenting them

Men do accept compliments from the opposite gender; it’s an opinion. But guess what? They prefer having a good compliment from men itself.  orientation barely does matter. According to research by Robert from the University of Binghamton, people can take compliments well only 30 percent of the time. A man finds it rather pleasant, and there is an increase in his self-esteem when he receives a compliment from a man.

  1. They make friends through interests

A Ph.D., Ronald Riggio studied the man-woman friendship. A friendship between men normally occurs due to common likes or interests. They love watching matches or playing sports of similar interests with their friend circle. Emotions and support is something women watch for while building a friendship. Ladies make friends with the ones who can be there for them emotionally.

  1. Men eat double of what they do when they are with a lady

When men are on lunch or dinner with a woman, they eat more than they normally would. In the company of a woman, they would eat 93% more pizza and 86% more salad, for example.

A Ph.D. from Cornell University stated this during his research. Men do it to look impressive to women, in his opinion. These are again instincts although they might seem silly.

  1. Men want comfier clothes with age

The way we feel is highly dependent on what clothes we are wearing. Clothes could also give a wider picture of who we are by the people around us. A man in a suit hence feels more confident. The taste in clothes can change with age though. Young guys love wearing shorts or tight pants which is not really comfortable. As they grow older, they desire wearing comfortable clothes rather than wanting to look fashionable. They shift to wearing looser cut of clothes.

  1. A man’s lifestyle depends on his IQ

According to research based in Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, the IQ level of a man can influence the way he lives his life. For example, whether he consumes alcohol or not. Specialists looked at around 50 thousand Swedes born between 1949 to 1951 and collected their data for study purposes. Based on the analysis, men with lower IQ drink a lot. This fact can be taken into consideration as men who do abuse alcohol a lot may have emotional problems.

A greater level of intelligence does lead to a much healthier way of living life, scientists believe.

  1. Men lie more than women do

A man could lie to his partner, boss or co-workers around 6 times a day while women can do it thrice in a day. Research by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment helped to discover this fact before the TV series “Lie to me” was screened. The most common phrase used by men would be “Its okay, I am fine”, and men do lie twice as much as women.

  1. Men spend a year of their lives just staring at women

A man could look or stare at 1o different women and spend about 43 minutes of his day doing this. This means that he is spending a span of 11 days every year just in this act. Between the age of 18 to 50, men are spending around 11 months 11 days admiring the ladies, as a result.

Women, on the other hand, spend roughly 20 minutes looking at men. They are only spending 5 months on this act.

These figures were calculated by Kodak Lens Vision Centres which held a survey of three thousand people in all. They realized that the most preferred places to look at strangers of the opposite gender are pubs, clubs or supermarkets.


What different facts can be added to the list based on what you’ve experienced? Do let us know in the comment section!