Men Love Two Types Of Women. Find Out Who They Are


Men love two types of women-Women have been debating for centuries to figure out what kind of women are the most attractive for men. There can be as many answers as the number of men in the world. However, every man needs an extraordinary woman who can love him and take care of him in the path of becoming his soulmate.

We have chosen only two types of women who are most attractive to men. These are the most common types of women men that the men desire. Find out who they are.

1. The Mother Type

Men Love Two Types Of Women. Find Out Who They Are

Psychology reveals that boys are attracted to mother-like women and girls towards father-like men. It is called an Oedipus complex, and such tendencies lie in our subconscious minds. One theory suggests that this complex is based on the way we perceive the home environment in our childhood. We make our parents as ideals for a perfect home as they are the ones who made you feel safe and happy.

It is quite clear why men find mother-like girlfriends very attractive. Such men love to be in safer and warmer hands. They strive for unconditional motherly love.

Anthropologists have long been studying this behavior among men and based on their findings, they have come to know the reason behind it. From prehistoric times, a mother would cook, clean the house, deliver healthy babies and raise them to adulthood. Naturally, a man wanted a mate who would do the same for him so that he would always be loved and cared for.

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2. The Friend Type

Not all men treat women as objects. Some men look beyond the beauty and love appeal of women. They want somebody who would listen and talk with him and share his ideas. They make you a part of everything they do, and everywhere they go.

If a man desires a friend type partner, having things in common will set the relationship ahead. Just spending time with your partner and having nothing to do will make your relationship dull and bitter. You need to listen to each other and agree on certain things so that you make the best out of the relationship. Otherwise, the relationship won’t last long.

A man of this type will love you as much as you do. He won’t like to be pampered like a baby, but, would make the relationship an equal opportunity for them both to love each other. He will share his things and ideas with you and would even like you to try out his possessions.

Don’t think that a man of this sort will make your intimate life a misery. Be as close to him as desired and spice up things with him to spend warm and lasting moments together.